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Nightly Bagdad vigil

PLEASE UPDATE AS OF APRIL 6TH: Due to this weekend's time change, the nightly Bagdad vigil will begin at 8:00 as of this Sunday, continuing indefinitely. The general timeframe will be 8:00 to 8:30, and all are encouraged and invited to stay longer as they wish. A webpage index, of sorts, for alternative information about the war and for activism opportunities is also available.

homepage: homepage: http://www.yourjourneys.net/peace.htm

Vigil photos 11.Apr.2003 11:57

Peace peace@yourjourneys.net

Here are photos that were taken a couple of weeks ago. Even when there are only two of us, the vigil continues as an expression of ongoing concern for the welfare of Iraqi citizens and as a protest against the New American Century and all its manifestations at home and abroad.

Vigil photos
Vigil photos

add'l photo 11.Apr.2003 11:59


and another
add'l photo
add'l photo

Copy of A16 Post for Thursday brainstorming 17.Apr.2003 13:54

Peace peace@yourjourneys.net

THURSDAY (4/17), 7 o'clock: Brainstorming dialogue to talk about changes in protest strategy, expanding on the nightly Bagdad vigil and inviting collaboration with SE/NE neighbors. Meet at In Other Words on SE Hawthorne.

Those of us who have been frequent participants in the nightly Bagdad vigil (which has been held 31 nights in a row) invite all interested persons and organization representatives to a brainstorming session. There have been numerous voices calling for the peace movement to become more inclusive, and it is crucial to avoid having the movement defined solely by U.S. war efforts or "victory". Because a nightly vigil is probably not a viable strategy in the current context, we want to discuss a possible twice-weekly schedule of protests and talk about ways to broaden the message and the actions.

At a minimum, as long as U.S. military and political personnel are in Baghdad, we want to keep that ongoing story in the consciousness, as it is likely to lapse into the memory hole, aided and abetted by mainstream media. We also choose this Portland locale as a place to keep the specter of the New American Century visible. Perhaps we can communicate a desire to maintain the protests until regime change is really achieved. Yes, the struggle is that long (and much longer). We don't need large numbers of people -- a small but consistent contingent CAN make a difference, including a difference in our own minds and hearts.

If you're interested in helping shape and/or support this effort, please let us know by coming to the Thursday night (7 p.m.) meeting at In Other Words!!!

You could also email the address listed with this post and give your thoughts and ideas!

If consensus and support are achieved, an announcement of future events will be posted here and at  http://www.protest.net and other sites within the next few days!!!

UPDATE as of 4/19 19.Apr.2003 18:32



SATURDAYS, 7 to 8 p.m., on the sidewalk outside the Bagdad Cafe. Protest vigil continues!!

The Iraq war, instigated by a government for The New American Century and opposed by a multitude of global voices, is a profound manifestation of a much larger story. Talk about a war for hearts and minds -- it is our own broken hearts and overwhelmed, fearful minds that are ground for the struggle. No matter how the current conflict plays out, or the next one, the individual and collective journey for peace does not cease.

Public pressure, groups gathering around a cause, can expose the frightening direction the U.S. administration is heading in. DEMONSTRATE. Join in any way, anywhere you can. Including here: each Saturday, 7 pm to 8 pm, outside the Bagdad Cafe, 37th and SE Hawthorne. Bring your own sign and slogan! (or check  http://www.yourjourneys.net/peace/localevents for some slogan ideas)

website correctino 19.Apr.2003 18:46


Sorry -- correct weblink =  http://www.yourjourneys.net/peace/signs.htm

Protest going on hiatus 10.May.2003 20:30

SF peace@yourjourneys.net

I regret to say that the Hawthorne/Bagdad protest vigil is ending for the time being. We will be back out on the street when the next invasion occurs, and we'll keep you posted about dates and details!!