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The Future of the Free Press!!!

Now on Bill Moyers NOW, tonigh on OPB channel 10 @ 9:00PM!!!
Free press? 04.Apr.2003 21:24


Is Moyers busy telling us that there is no such thing, that it's all fascist propaganda?

shoulda watched the show... 05.Apr.2003 07:21

this thing here

... then you'd know exactly what he was saying.

it was rather disheartening. to say the least.

i have never seen a top-ranking government bureaucrat with as much disdain and hatred for the public and the public's concerns as F.C.C. chairman powell has. let's put it this way: he really does not like the public at all.

so, what do you call a government which hates the public it is supposed to be working for?

well, it sure as hell ain't a democracy...