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Protest Against Patriot Act/Protect Free Speech

Ursula K Le Guin, author of the "Left Hand of Darkness", RV
Branham, editor of the new Portland literary magazine "Gobshite Quarterly",
Eileen Gunn, Hugo nominated author of the science fiction story "Computer
Friendly", L. Timmel Duchamp, author of "Quinn's Deal", the people of Reading Frenzy and the IPRC, and many others will gather at SW Park and Salmon, at one
o'clock on Saturday, April 12th, for a Portland Peaceful Response Coalition
(PPRC) sponsored protest against the USA Patriot Act.
Protest Against Patriot Act/Protect Free Speech
Protest Against Patriot Act/Protect Free Speech
The event will focus on the new FBI presence in public libraries and on free
speech. It will include a brief stop at the Central Library downtown, where
a list of 'subversive' or questionable books like the Koran, the Anarchist
Cookbook, and other banned or censored titles will be checked out en masse.

"It will be a symbolic protest against the Patriot Act, not a protest
against the library. We'll be coming to protect the library, to protect
the very notion of free inquiry and free speech. We will be very quiet and
polite when we are inside checking out 'Das Kapital,'" Douglas Lain, a
PPRC organizer, explained.

The protesters also hope to make the connection between the war on Iraq and
the attack on civil liberties at home, pointing to how the climate of fear
and uncertainty around war creates a pretext for the dismantling of basic


homepage: homepage: http://www.douglaslain.com/libraryfbi.html

booksaredangerous.jpg 05.Apr.2003 14:31



poster pdf for rally 05.Apr.2003 16:03


pdf of a poster for this event
poster pdf for rally
poster pdf for rally

handbills for rally 05.Apr.2003 16:07


pdf of 1/4 sheet handbills for the rally
please reproduce and distribute
handbills for rally
handbills for rally

babu 05.Apr.2003 19:12

Werner Von Krankenstat

Bunch of freaking commies. You just can't get it through your heads. You are a freaking minority. That means you don't get your way. But you will keep infinging on my rights until you do, which will never happen. If you would just form a political party like they did in Europe, I might have some sympathy. But you persist in just flaunting your annoyance. I hate you more with each protest.

Not against the law 06.Apr.2003 11:10

Voice for Freedom

It is not against the law nor unpatriotic, or it should not be, to support the Bill of Rights that among these is the right to assemble and free speech. I will continue to fight for the Bill of Rights to my dying breath. The USA Patirot Act already violates some of these and its sister act will totally destroy what is left. I urge you all to support the Bill of Rights no matter what it takes.

Reply to Werner 07.Apr.2003 18:54

Jim Houser

Sorry to be the one to tell you Werner, but it is YOU who are in the minority. At last count only a majority of the citizens of Poland and Kuwait were in favor of this illegal and immoral war. Even in the good old US of A, as recently as March 8th and 9th (the weekend before Shrub launched his invasion)USA Today/Gallup released their poll showing that 50% of Americans were opposed to going to war against Iraq. No amount of wishing you were in the right (instead of ON the right)will change the fact that this is a war of aggression, in violation of the Charter of the United Nations(to which the US is a signatory) and that this aggression is opposed by the overwhelming majority of the world's population.

I pity you 08.Apr.2003 14:52


I feel so sorry for this fellow Werner. It must be a terrible existance to be so filled with hate. I'll pray for him.

perhaps they'll leave 08.Apr.2003 21:40


Perhaps if we ignore the hatemongers who post here they will give up and go back to Rush or Savage or wherever they come from. I don't beleive they're 'educable', and responding to them just gives them their jollies. Let's forget about them and get on with the business of protesting this brutal war against an innocent population.

The wrong even have rights 11.Apr.2003 02:41

Eagle 1

Its ok Werner. They are misguided and need no sympathy. But the bill of rights allows for assembly and free speech,and I too would defend this to the death. But it does not give rights to lawlessness. Its a right that Iraqis are not familiar with,but with guidance and patience,they soon will. The show of jubilance and relief on Iraqi faces cant be argued with. Some might say that they cheer because we control the weapons of war,and in order to survive,they must show allegiance to us for fear of reprisal. As was expected from the former regime. Of course,that arguement is squashed as it is clear that we are not occupiers,but liberators. The bleeding heart minority argument withers as the days go by. The majority of this great country supports the war,and supports Cdr in Chief Bush. Its a sad time when the only choice left may lead to violence. As was clearly demonstrated by 'peace protesters'in recent weeks. How poignant. We live in a great country and are afforded great oppurtunities,and have rights and laws to protect our livelyhood. The war in Iraq does not need to be defended. Its right now matter what the opposition may say. God bless the United States of America.

Anyone know what books we're looking for? 12.Apr.2003 14:22

Peter Soloway peter@redsolid.com

Okay, so I'm at the library now and all the protesters are coming through in a pleasant, orderly fashion. They passed out like a hundred slips back at the start of the rally telling people what books to check out. The problem is, I can see in the catalog that there are still two copies of the Anarchist Cookbook checked in and I don't even know what other books we're missing. I'm assuming only one copy of every book they handed out a slip for is being checked out, but what about the other copies?

Does anyone out there have an official or unofficial list of subversive books that might get us on the government's list? The more people who get on, the better.