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send anti-war email to u.s. troops!

send anti-war email to u.s. troops
is a war site trying to solicit pro war email messages to "support" the troops. Use it instead to send anti-war messages to let them know that we DON'T SUPPORT them committing war crimes against the Iraqi people!
is a war site trying to solicit pro war email messages to "support" the troops. Use it instead to send anti-war messages to let them know that we DON'T SUPPORT them committing war crimes against the Iraqi people!


homepage: homepage: http://www.operationdearabby.net/

GOOD IDEA!!!! 04.Apr.2003 21:19


thats a great idea! it would be great to slip a couple emails through and let them (the soldiers) know what type of murdering bastards we think they are. i guess the trolls who responded believe murder is ok, as long as its under a flag. hey trolls, if you support the troops, why aren't you out there fighting? is it because you're a bunch of fat, armchair warriors? and would it be ok in your near sighted eyes to send happy support letters to Iraqi troops? a murderer is a murderer.

Read 04.Apr.2003 22:21

La Vierge Rouge

For once I actually agree with the trolls. What good is it going to do to send hate mail to the guys who are out there fighting a war they have been led to believe is right? Remember that part of the reason the Vietnam war was stopped was because of fragging and other forms of mutiny. Most of them believe they are doing the right thing. yes, e-mail them, but support them, and tell them the truth. Let them make their own decisions. A footsoldier is a pawn, not a "Warmonger". They are not evil nasties out there with the sadistic intent of raping babies. Well, maybe one or two out of the thousands, but that's just humanity. They are men, no usually boys, usually from poor families, who think they are doing the right thing. If we want to have peace, we can't alienate them.

boycotting a good idea, anti-war e-mail not 04.Apr.2003 23:09


i do not think that sending anti-war e-mail to soldiers in combat is prudent. these young boys have been duped and i think that it could prove disasterous to antagonize them. they may take their anger out on the iraqi's.

there are a lot of better places to put one's energy. boycotting is one of them - boycott all that supports the war.

La Vierge Rouge 04.Apr.2003 23:27


You speak my mind - thank you!

The Crime is Silence 05.Apr.2003 00:05

Lazy Faire

If you can not formulate a message to the conscience of U.S. soldiers, a message that argues for opposition to the crimes of the U.S. Military, then you have not utilized your own conscience fully. You have not yet seen what is going on.

If you do not convey the message, once formulated, because you think they are unable to receive it, you belittle and dishonor them by your silence.

free speech 05.Apr.2003 00:25


ooooooooooooh don't send that picture of the President f-in the Dog to the patriotic killers.

they gots uniforms so its ok.

duhhh jesus 2.

Maxx 05.Apr.2003 03:37


Well, Mr. Mike, I was drafted and served during Vietnam and I am against the U.S. attack on Iraq. I am against it because I am a patriot. When I was overseas I corresponded with some who were against the Vietnam war and rather than botherig me it made me think. Also, I am tired of hearing bull from some that when we came home from overseas we were spat upon. This never happened to me and I know of noone to whom it did happen. We happened to be in the military when the political leaders for political and $$$ reasons attacked a country that did not attack us. People where complaining (rightly IMO) about it then. Some people (rightly IMO) are complaining about this current attack on a country that did not attack us. Again the politicians are doing this for political and $$$ reasons. Instead of calling people pukes or whatever why do you not think about the actions that we are doing rather than blindly wrapping yourself in the flag? Others can be just as patriotic as you claim to be and have the opposite viewpoint. That is why we have a place called the U.S.

Geroge Bush Jr. (draft dodger BTW and AWOL Guardsman DURING WARTIME) has used September 11 to attack Iraq for political cover and $$$. Rather than be ticked off at some who want to email their opinions to soldiers why not get ticked at the ones who put the same soldiers needlessly in combat? Oh yeah, my niece is going to the Persian Gulf next week, if she were to ask me I would drive her to Canada or the moon to keep her out of their.

put it to use 05.Apr.2003 04:07


rather than leap to the first impulse to vent and graffiti (no slur), that channel presents an excellent opportunity to subvert the machine. it's unkown just what collection of life experiences and intellligence your message is going to be read by, but by presenting a demeanor of reason, mature and well formed thoughts, you might get some of those poor bastards (caught in the fog of war, surrounded by screaming, sleep deprived, drugged, lawless frat boys, trying to stay alive and shoot at everything, trees, babies, dogs, birds, old men, women, themselves, for christ's sake, that might --just might--thwart that effort to stay alive) and those in the support modes away from the front lines. present the stuff they're not getting from the whore press and pentagon propaganda spigot. if you just vent on them, it looks like an extremist raving, which they have been conditioned to resist--makes you look like "a Sadam lover". appeal to their individuality and consciences, still hiding under the shell that military training and socialization straps them into. let them know that the anti-war protesters see them as victims of an economy and culture based on perpetual war and that they are being misused and abused for the greedy purposes of powerful geezers who were destined to never have to risk anything remotely like the grunts are doing. they are being expended in the service of protection and accumulation of power, just as indentured wage earners are on the outside. tell them that they're so appreciated by the commander in chief that he's gutted the VA budget, while they wallow on a radioactive battlefield. WORK ON IT!!!


Here's a message to the troops 05.Apr.2003 07:10


This is a picture of your future.
Here's a message to the troops
Here's a message to the troops

Sending our best 05.Apr.2003 11:17


I sent several messages to this site. Not sure if they will get there or not.

Here's the problem with "supporting the troops." It's a dilemma. Because on one hand, we have people who probably signed up for service because they thought they would get $$ for college, or because someone came to their school and in a weak moment they signed the papers, or even because they thought they were doing the "right" thing. So on one hand, I support these people very much. I see young men and women all dressed up to go to war and I feel like crying for them...and for anyone they encounter.

There's been a lot of talk here on this site about whether we should "support the troops" or not. I don't think this is such an easy question.

Of course we don't want people to be hurt, not on "our" side, and not on "their" side either. It hurts to the bone to hear about a soldier who was killed over there. They all have families, and people who care about them. They are all just people like you and me. Of course we support them to come home safe and sound, where they belong.

But the people of Iraq all have families and people who care about them too. They, too, are people just like you and me. And it cuts to the quick to see them scattered and bloodied all around the homes and markets and playgrounds of their cities. We have no business sending anyone over there with guns and bombs and other weapons of mass destruction.

Part of me wants to join some of those whose comments I've read here, in saying that the soldiers who carry out the attacks are only pawns, that they are not to blame. I want to put the blame where I believe it really belongs, on the shoulders of those who plan to profit from this venture.

But alas, it's just not that simple. Yes, bush is to blame, and cheney is to blame, and rumsfeld is to blame, and fleisher is to blame. But the soldier is also to blame.

It is through every little, perhaps seemingly insignificant detail that good or evil grows and thrives. When a person chooses to support the immorality of war by using a weapon against other human beings, that's an evil thing. There is ALWAYS a choice. It's never an easy thing, to choose good over evil. I'm not here to judge those who have made different decisions than I have. I'm not perfect either.

What I'm trying to say is that, while I support the people who have been brainwashed into fighting this war, I do not support them as soldiers. I support them as human beings, who I want to see here again safe and sound. But I do not support their actions if they are shooting guns, dropping bombs, or otherwise supporting this wicked war effort. They are not in any way heroic to me. They are not protecting democracy, or freedom, or any of the other mythical cornerstones of the American Way. They are over there on a profiteering venture. Yes, they are pawns in a game where they are asked to make all the sacrifices for others who stand to make all the gains. Yes, they are to be pitied. But they are also making choices to hurt other people, destroy other people's homes, do things they probably know in their hearts are not right. Sometimes, the most courageous choice a soldier can make is not to fight.

I support the troops who have "deserted," and I want the same leniency granted to them that was granted to bush when he deserted. Indeed, more leniency. Because these people are choosing not to fight because it's wrong, or because they are afraid. Two valid reasons. bush deserted out of selfishness. He is a useless man who has never contributed anything positive to the world for as long as he's been in it. He's a selfish little person who is not worth the air he breathes. No one should be fighting for more power for him and his cronies.

I have this habit, see... 05.Apr.2003 16:41

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

I have this habit of not supporting war criminals. And US troops ARE INDEED war criminals. An aggressive war of attck only helps shareholders in a few corporations, mostly oil-related. Poor Mike, King of All Dolts, is a dupe. He probably believes everuything he sees on TV since corporate news guys are so soberly dressed (Star Trek isn't real either, Mike).

The US troops should know that they are not supported in their actions, because they are not.


They should reconsider what it is they are doing. They are young dupes who don't give things second thoughts. If they were, they would not be prepared to give their lives for Exxon like some of them have done since the Iraq invasion started.

I tell servicepeople why they are imperiling the US when they carry out imperialist missions like the Iraq invasion.

Mike; please explain how you have EVER protected anyone's freedom here in the US. Who was invading the US that you repelled?

What "the troops" are doing for us 06.Apr.2003 17:44


Gringo has it right. The troops are not doing anything to protect freedom or democracy by attacking Iraq. Instead, they are putting us all in great danger. As our freedoms are eroded daily here on the streets of America, "our troops" are over in another land pissing off the rest of the world in such monumental proportions that we will be facing increased terror threats for decades to come.

If this is really about democracy and freedom, why are "our troops" not here in America, fighting to remove an illegitimately installed ruling junta from power? Why are they not struggling to restore our rights to free speech and freedom of assembly that have been so publicly and so eggregiously removed from us in recent days? Why aren't they facing down the black-clad stormtroopers that are stalking the streets and neighborhoods of every city in the nation in an effort to put down the spontaneous uprising of the people against the monster that is BushCo?

Does anyone know if this messenging tool is still on the site? 19.Jun.2007 00:58


Hey, I was just about to send my F-the-MF'n Troops message, but the link seems to be unopperational. So I thought I'd just ask here, about it. Does it still work? F the troops, US, police, government. They all signed up except for all of the US citizens who were born into this country, and can't afford to get out even though we don't like it and hate it. I'm sick of seeing all kinds of shite on the tele about how the troops lost their limbs and stuff. They sold their sole for the government and I hope they all die in Iraq and burn in hell. Unfortunately I don't beleive in hell, but I still can hope. I want the F word said in the media, but followed by "The Troops" because even the "Dixiecrats"/Democrats aren't saying it. I appreciate that you said it because I don't get to hear it much except when I say it. The only thing I'd die for is to get out of this country, or if I killed my suicidal as so that I didn't have to put up with this government any longer. So I guess I would consider dying for this country... to leave me alone.