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A call to Action in Seattle, June 2 to 6th, 2003

Fight the Consolidation of Police Terrorism in the US: A call to Action in Seattle, June 2 to 6th, 2003

Fight the Consolidation of Police Terrorism in the US:
A call to Action in Seattle, June 2 to 6th, 2003

We, the committee to form a Northwest Federation of Anarchist Communists, call for a convergence in Seattle, Washington, home of the WTO protests, to strike at the heart of the forces whose goals are to undermine all human rights, criminalize dissent, jail, harass and torture activists, and even commit legal murder of people of color and dissidents alike, in the name of "Homeland Security", "Fighting Terrorism" and "Criminal Intelligence". We call for all that have been victimized, or feel that they will become victimized, by this unprecedented consolidation of police power to join in solidarity and return to Seattle.

The Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit (LEIU) is holding its annual conference in Seattle, on June 2,3,4,5 and 6th. (see  http://www.leiu2003seattle.org/) The organizers of this conference have invited Attorney General John Ashcroft, Director of Homeland Security, Tom Ridge (who conspired to imprison and murder journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal), Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force member John Cooney; FBI Assistant Director John Pistole, New York City Police Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence, and Former CIA agent David Cohen will attend. The purpose of this conference is for law enforcement, from local police to the FBI to the CIA and military, to further consolidate their power and organization, and to improve "the current state of intelligence sharing/processing among local and federal law enforcement agencies; and [to discuss] specifics as to what local law enforcement can do to better support the war on terrorism". We all know that the war on terrorism is a pretext for the war of the State against the population: people of color, immigrants, and political activists inside as well as outside the United States.

The topic of their conference include such things as "Criminal Protest Groups" and "left wing" terrorism. We all know that people committing such acts as stepping off of the curb at a demonstration, organizing against the war, organizing against the rape of our planet, occupying buildings and workplaces, and destroying capitalism are considered terrorists by our government. When the government loses its legitimacy with the people the response has been to build a system to monitor, criminalize, imprison, and murder its subjects, and to remove the line between the military and the domestic police. We have seen the massive consolidation of police power after the rise of the anti-globalization and anti-capitalist movements, the resurgence in anarchist organization, and the call of the government to seize Iraqi oil under the pretext of avenging the horrible tragedy of 9-11.

We have seen the steady rise of the abuse of the police, from the tear gassing and beatings at WTO, to the murder of an activist in Genoa. The history is merely being repeated, since the organization of slave patrols in New York in 1830's and the centuries of genocide against native people; J. Edgar Hoover's repression of Wobblies, anarchists and socialists during World War 1; the Palmer raids of the 20's; persecution of communists in the 1930's and 1950's; the murder of Sacco and Vanzetti; The destruction of the Black Panther Party and the murder of its leaders in the 1960's; the repression of the American Indian Movement and frame up of Leonard Peltier; the disruption of the anti-apartied movement of the 1980's; and now, the criminalization of Muslims, immigrants, people of color, native peoples, and activists in the 1990's and to date. Our resistance to the police state in the US is the uniting of all people of all color, of all struggles for self determination, of all defenses against the rape of Mother Earth, and the struggle against the employing class.

We call upon all to converge upon Seattle, using whatever tactics they feel are necessary and prudent to carry out the goals of their respective organizations and constituencies; we call all upon all to organize in affinity groups and coalitions as necessary to resist the legalized planning for the criminalization of dissent; and we leave up to individuals and groups to choose whatever tactics they deem appropriate to their cause, and that such tactics be carried out independent of one another when necessary. We call upon the defense of non-violent activists against the likely abuse by the police who will likely rise to the occasion; and we call for this to be the first action of many to dismantle the institution of Police Terrorism, disguised as Homeland Security and its regional manifestations of FBI/law enforcement partnerships. We must expose this legal crime network to the people of this country, and destroy any and all legitimacy they made have.

Corporate America is funding this conference. Starbucks, 7-11 stores, and Microsoft are listed as sponsors. Microsoft develops the computer infrastructure for citizen data collection (see  http://jps.directtaps.net/) Corporate America has declared us the enemy, and they are raising their army of soldiers and intelligence alike to defeat our resistance to their tyranny. This already happened last year on the docks on the West Coast of the US, where the White House called the leadership of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) to warn then against striking against the waterfront employers (the PMA) to protect "national security", while the employers in an allinace with the Bush White House and corporate retailers used Taft-Hartley to fight the union. This will likely happen with the ILA on the east coast when their contract expires. Corporate America wants the cops and the military involved in our workplace disputes, so that they can make us their unquestioning servants paralyzed by fear.

Our struggle against the proponents of "Homeland Security" and the emerging police state is our struggle for our survival, and for the survival of our planet.

In Revolutionary Struggle and Solidarity,

Coordinating Committee for the formation of a Northwest Federation of Anarchist Communists.