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Is the Calvary coming to the rescue of Iraqi freedom fighters, resisting the Anglo Invaders? According to this report, Russia is preparing to send a fleet to nuclear submarines to the Arabian Sea for "military exercises." If the AmeriNazis troops continue their occupation and plunder of Iraqi oil, they just might find themselves nuked back to hell where they came from. Let's see if 200,000 BBQed American military pigs would be an appropriate price to pay for all the oil Americans SUV drivers want to steal.
Russian nuclear subs to head for the Gulf

The Russian Defense Ministry is preparing to send warships to the Arabian Sea, the Nezavisimaya Gazeta newspaper reports.

According to it, Russian ships will arrive to the Arabian Sea in late April. The official aim of the campaign is to carry out military and naval military exercises there, "according to an agreement with India". However, it seems that this explanation does not reveal the true goals of the campaign. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov has said recently that the timeframe of the campaign would depend on the situation in Iraq.

According to the newspaper, two scenarios are possible. The first one envisages the occupation of an important onshore facility by marines. Quoting an army general, the Nezavisimaya Gazeta reports that it might be the oil terminals of Umm Qasr. This action, resembling a quick seizure of Pristina at the end of the Yugoslavian war, might affect the alignment of forces in the post-war Iraq. However, the battle group is not enough strong for this purpose. It will have only one landing ship capable of carrying 150 marines and 10 tanks.

The second scenario envisages a "battle" with an enemy air force. Speaking in Munich in February 2003, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov said that the battle group would comprise "about ten warships, including submarines and large landing ships".

In the light of new information, it becomes clear that there will be at least three nuclear submarines in the battle group. It will be like an iceberg, with the main firepower hidden underwater.

According to the newspaper, the ships of the Black Sea battle group, comprised of the Moscow cruiser, the large landing ship Caesar Kunikov and two frigates, will leave the Black Sea post of Sebastopol in five or seven days. Ten to twelve days later, the ships will arrive to the war zone. In early May, another three warships of the Pacific Fleet will join them.

Thus, the Russian Defense Ministry expects that the situation in the Middle East will change dramatically by late April, which might require interference from Russia, the Nezavisimaya Gazeta concludes.
more rumore 04.Apr.2003 22:39


Pravda sports a sub article article that german and french ships may meet in the arabian sea too.

Don't bet on it however. Pravda also declared 2500 wells of oil were a flame as well its unlikely. its more for effect i suspect.

A dose of reality... 04.Apr.2003 22:56


Here's a dose of reality for you traitors / moral degenerates...

The Russian armed forces are in disrepair and broke. We could add them to the Axis of Evil and be done with them in a week or two.

Bring it on American Nazis 05.Apr.2003 02:21

CIA spookkiller

All of you American nazis beating your chest about the superiority of the American Fatherland are gonna a rude awakening when the Russian subs nuke the shit out of you troops, your cities, and you into a charcoal brown.

If you don't think the Russian Subs can nuke your asses your are seriously deluded. What you military geniuses don't understand is that while Russian *conventional* military may be down, their strategic (i.e. nuclear) assets are still in tact and can rain fire down on your asses.

ok 05.Apr.2003 03:41


CIA, I agree but the move is probably more cosmetic than anything else. The MAD theory is still the law of the land in this situation. Worry about North Korea or Iran since the two of them could probably flip a coin on who's next for the club of democracy. I know I read an article a month or two ago about Iran restarting its nuclear program for "peaceful purposes".

It would be interesting if Russia did nuke Baghdad and American positions in Iraq as a wild card. American annexation of Iraq is virtual ecomomic warfare against the reat of the world anyway and is the finishing blow for the Soviets. That could equalize things a bit and start a new world war where we could not only support our troops but actually become them!!

It doesn't mean anything 05.Apr.2003 05:07


Russia is not going to war with the US over Iraq. And it doesn't matter if they move their submarines there. If they wanted to they could attack from anywhere in the world.

I wish the US would pull out but this means nothing.