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Critical Mass Report from the ride

Critical Mass Report from the Ride
Around 20-30 cops are in the middle of the Morrison Bridge, with around 6-7 cars..

6:30 pm call: There is a ratio of around 2-3 cops to each rider. Critical Mass is heading west on Burnside taking one lane, the cops are in the other. There is the big riot cop truck with around 10-12 riot cops, maybe 40 bicycle cops, 13-20 motorcycle cops. The ride is around 21st & Burnside.
another call 04.Apr.2003 19:21


7:20 report

Riders have been corraled onto / sent over the Steele Bridge. Call came from SW 1st and "around some H street". Cops blocked all other paths and seemed to be telling people to go through red lights and there seemed to be some confusion about whether if people chose to get off their bikes and not go over the Steele Bridge, whether they would be able to.. Smells to some like a trap.

ride dispersed safely 04.Apr.2003 20:49


I heard there was no further hassles and everyone split up on the east side of the bridge