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Rally for Mike Hawash (Intel employee detained for two weeks without charge)

Mike Hawash is an Intel employee being held WITHOUT CHARGE since March 20th in a high-security federal prison. All the orders related to his arrest are secret and not even US Senator Ron Wyden has been able to get any information. Come support Mike Hawash at this rally.
This announcement comes from the Free Mike Hawash website.

For more information:
Free Mike Hawash website
A KATU story
A wired story

Free Mike Hawash!

Rally - Monday April 7 - 8:30am
Please begin gathering at 8:15am

Mark O Hatfield U. S. Courthouse
1000 SW Third Ave.
(corner of SW Salmon and 3rd Ave)
Portland, OR

Please join us in support of Mike Hawash on Monday April 7 at 8:30 on the steps of the U.S. Courthouse. We believe that Mike has a hearing scheduled for that time and expect that a show of support will help his cause. We expect a lot of press coverage so the more people, the better.

As you know, Mike has been detained by the FBI for over 2 weeks now without any charges brought. He is being held in prison, in solitary confinement and has not even been questioned. We believe that this is wrong and that it is inconsistent with his rights as an American citizen.

This will be a non-violent, peaceful rally. At this time, it is very important that Mike knows that there are people who believe that he is being treated unfairly and that there are people who really care what happens to him.

So come, bring your friends, bring your family, bring your neighbors. Help us get the message out that Mike should be treated fairly.

If you would like to carry a sign, we encourage you to do that. Some ideas for signage include:

"Free Mike Hawash"
"Free Mike Now"
"No Secret Justice"
But, by all means, write a sign that speaks to how you feel personally, but please write them in the spirit of a peaceful rally.

See you there!

Parking: There is a SMART Park at 4th and Yamhill

Rally for Hawash 05.Apr.2003 07:35


This Hawash arrest is interesting, but doesn't rise to the level of getting the whole antiwar, pro-Palestine movement involved, yet.

The guy is being held on a material witness hold, which is even more interesting. Material witnesses are usually held in jail when they are a flight risk, and the entire directorate of Intel has guaranteed his future appearance. There's a lot of clout there that can't get him out of jail and that makes this game VERY INTERESTING.

This whole thing sounds like the tip of a very large iceberg. Rumors on the street say that he is known to have contributed to Palestinian organizations, perhaps orgs with links to "terror", but then, so has a significant fraction of the population of Detroit, and they aren't being arrested (Hamas has an office there).

At the least, Hawash's contributions have probably gotten him face time with people who run the front organizations for Hamas or similiar orgs, and the Feds want names and contact info, and are using the material witness hold to squeeze him. This could get exciting if Hawash has other connections that the pro-Palestinian orgs might have led him to, something a little farther east in the Middle East.

Stay tuned for news, but remember that any protest action at the Federal Courthouse will: (1) Be recorded by the Feds (2) Result in participants getting their faces and names in a Federal Database (3) Establish that name as a link to terror under the Patriot Act.

Mayor Katz and her Kops are a soft target. The Bush and his cops are not to be messed with.

The WatchMan, who always checks the rules of the game BEFORE playing it.

Get informed.... 05.Apr.2003 09:51


Here comes links regarding Mike Hawash:

Ex-Intel VP Fights for Detainee

The New York Times:
Terrorism Task Force Detains an American Without Charges

And one of the biggest threads on Slashdot.org lately(over 1400 responses to the post)
Former Intel Employee 'Disappeared' by U.S.

hawash.jpg 05.Apr.2003 15:23



Response to 'Watchman', above 05.Apr.2003 23:05

S. McGeady

With regard to Mr. Watchman's post above:

I am not a regular reader of this site, so you know his/her credibility more than I.

If you have in the past used civil disobediance or more direct criminal acts as protest, or plan to do so in the future, his advice is possibly correct. This is not a comment on the efficacy or that behavior.

We do not (repeat: DO NOT) plan or want any civil disobediance at Monday morning's rally. It is certainly the case the the authorities take the Federal Courthouse very seriously, and we do not want anyone arrested or hurt by the police. We're trying to get someone out of prison, not put 20 more in!

Speaking as someone experienced in "marketing" various things, we have two audiences: the public via the media -- they want to see that other regular americans are concerned about government overreach; and Oregon's congressional delegation, especially the ones who voted FOR the Patriot Act, the war, etc -- they want to see constituents, voters, and donors who are more likely to vote for them if they support this cause.

As to subject of "soft targets", etc -- that is strategy for a different fight. Yes, if that's the fight you're in, stay home. The rest of us aren't interested in "soft targets", we're interested in results -- influencing people who vote in Congress, and people who vote for the people in Congress and the White House.

S. McGeady