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YOU can Drive Cheney Bonkers...

Keeping Cheney/cronies from their ill-gotten gains in their attack on Iraq
...and without leaving the keyboard. Tap a message to our Congressional delegation to demand they file 2 bills immediately before Cheney and the cabal of gnomes controlling him get their mitts on Iraq's oil or our tax dollars.
Or before the U.S. Treasury cuts a single check for Cheney's construction cronies and campaign checkwriters (Bechtel wrote one for $1.3 million in the 2000 race). History shows that the only thing to change in Iraq is tyrants and, shortly, the uniforms on Saddam's village enforcers. The stacks of corpses, the dying and injured from Bush's oil grab deserve that much. Even if these 2 bills never get out of committee, they'll get plenty of exposure. Maybe stop those bloody-handed buddies of Cheney/Bush in their tracks. After all, the hullabaloo about the "sweetheart contracts," made Cheney's Halliburton outfit quietly withdraw its bid on rebuilding Iraq.
Bill No. 1 ensures that the oil billionaires don't get a drop of Iraqi oil or a dime in royalties. Ask your man/woman in Congress to draft a bill stipulating continuation of Iraqi nationalization of its oil wells/reserves and the oil-for-food program. Remind her/him that if Cheney's Congressional cronies scream their oil buddies are more capable than Iraqis at management/exploration, that the locals have been doing just fine for years.
Bill No. 2 keeps Cheney's construction pals from making a dime in rebuilding Iraq. (You don't think there's been cheering in boardrooms for every bomb dropped?) Ask them to draft a bill immediately cancelling Cheney's secret sweetheart deals with the "favored five" outfits and reopen bidding to the world. Winners must be low bidders, as federal law requires, and those with the best track record on deadlines and no cost overruns. If we pay the bills, we calls the shots on those billions going out our door. And please don't demand some of our 430,000 jobless should be hired. It's going to Iraqis and/or those unlikely to bitch about pay, safety or bennies.