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BOYCOTT IPRC! Resolution talks begin with IPRC Board president. Open House!

Boycott IPRC! Pro-peace talks began with IPRC Board President. Hopefully, there will be swift resolutions to the racism, ageism & ableism IPRC, even after 5 years The 10 most important crisis concerns of the people were listed. The issues will improve if the new art gallery room were transformed into a "Diversity is Important" room. Stiff opposition is expected as 2 founders of the IPRC have their art in the art gallery.
BOYCOTT IPRC!  Resolution talks begin with IPRC Board president. Open House!
BOYCOTT IPRC! Resolution talks begin with IPRC Board president. Open House!
Dear Public,

Thank you all for your support. Please continue to boycott all money donations to the Independent Publisher's Resource Center (IPRC). Also, please continue to boycott submitting any artwork to the IPRC art gallery which was created at the expense of the oppressed despite the outcries that it not be created.

Below is an update of talks with the current Board President of the IPRC. It includes the top ten concerns of the people.

I, and many others, greatly love the IPRC and all the people in it, with no exceptions. We all realize that the IPRC has resources which are key to helping pro-peace people raise their independent voice!

We just want the IPRC to make those resources more accessible.

True Love & Unity... ...for the people!

i apologize if i've offended anyone. My goals are love, unity and equality for all. Pro-peace needs every voice to rise up!

T.v.L.i.m.i.t. BNB
on behalf of the oppressed and disadvantaged members, non-member patrons and people who have been denied access to the IPRC for over 5 years while other projects of luxury such as the art gallery continue to be created.

Please come to the IPRC open house!
Plan to attend, bring your camera if you like, and read the below article for photograph instructions


Progress towards a resolution to end the discrimination in the (IPRC)

Progress towards ending the current and ongoing statewide boycott of monetary donations and boycott of artwork to the brand new IPRC art gallery (which was made at the expense of the oppressed and disadvantaged).

On Wednesday, April 2, I submitted my article to IPRC founder R.G. (Because love and unity is the priority, and we the oppressed, believe that all people on earth are family, we don't publish names of people who already haven't published their names and R.G.'s initials are given only because there are several IPRC founders, one of which was pro-equality IPRC founder Amy Joy who suggested and helped organize the IPRC boycott.).

R.G. wanted the IPRC board of directors to have a private meeting with me. I asked R.G. for a written letter stating why she does not want a public meeting in which everyone and the media could be invited but R.G. adamantly, repeatedly refused. I then informed R.G. that due to my own multiple disabilities and medical inability to deal with such high levels of stress (due to the increasingly hostile feedback and angry denial of discrimination that I've been receiving from various IPRC staff and members), I could not attend a private meeting. R.G. then recommended that I submit a list in writing of my concerns and the concerns of the people who have contacted me. After talks with R.G. did not go well I asked that R.G. forward the letter to the board of directors.

On the same day, an email was received from the current Board President of the IPRC. It was extremely admirable that the President sent an email so swiftly. That speaks very well of the Board President's regard for the importance of these discrimination issues.

During that same evening it was learned that the IPRC planned to have their Opening House Grand Opening party for their art gallery the very next day. The next 24 hours were more or less spent contacting various people who have privately voiced their concerns, writing, and coming to an agreed upon emergency decision regarding the type of article that should be immediately posted in portland.indymedia.org. It was finally agreed upon that due to the opening of the art gallery, (which was expedited in 5 days and created at the expense of the oppressed despite the outcries that it not be created and despite the boycott), members of all the local newspapers would have to be contacted because IPRC has shown blatant, unhidden, disregard for the priorities of the elderly, the disabled, the non-English speaking minorities and the underclass by opening that art gallery. This entire news article would be the reply sent to The Board President of the IPRC on Thursday evening.

A meeting open to the public and the media is requested. We await for the Board President of the IPRC to confirm if April 29th, 2003, 3pm , 2003 would be an ideal time. It is National Holocaust Remembrance Day and we, the oppressed who desire to bring independence and truth to independent media, realize that the world is in a pre-holocaust situation.

R.G. mentioned that 3pm might be inconvenient for the Board because members of the board work until 5pm. We choose 3pm, rather than after 5pm, because the front doors are locked after 5 pm and at all hours on the weekends and the IPRC ground floor doors are extremely difficult to access by people in wheelchairs and by visually challenged people because they do not have push button automatic access. The list of business suite addresses outside the locked doors is rather high and is also not easily visible by people in wheelchairs and is not in braille.

We hope the Board can find it in their heart to suffer the inconvenience of that time.

Below are the 10 top priority things that we would like the IPRC to consider.

Concerns Of The People

In order of priority:

#1. Please have each present and former IPRC member receive a small sheet of paper with the grievance procedure and the chain of command for filing a grievance. In that way a "break down in communications" won't ever repeat itself as it did in this instance (cost to IPRC: the photocopies from the IPRC photocopier. Time completion estimate: 30 days.). Or, it may save money if you just give the paper grievance to people who don't have Internet access, and give people with Internet access the website address of the grievance procedure posted online.

#2. Please consider having a webpage that is updated on the first and the fifteen of each month that shows the progress being made to end the discrimination in the IPRC by fulfilling the below considerations. Most of these goals should be immediately achievable, in the same way the brand new art gallery was created, despite outcries from the oppressed, within 5 days, by the manual labor, organization and participation of the paid staff member, the IPRC director, several new and current volunteers and even an actual painting contribution from the IPRC founder, R.G.

Thus, the webpage that will prove to act as a source of incredible positive publicity and show the world how much the IPRC truly cares about diversity will also be a 'measuring tool' for senior citizen, minority and disability rights activists who support the present and still ongoing "monetary donations and artwork submissions boycott" and reform of the IPRC. Perhaps you can title the webpage something like "IPRC Really Does Make Accessibility to all people a #1 Priority" webpage." The reason this is the #2 priority before everything else is because, no offense intended, members and even paid staff have made many, many, many promises to the oppressed people of the IPRC and the community which were never, ever fulfilled in the IPRC's 5 years. [Example: IPRC Director, a paid staff member, gave his word several weeks ago, repeatedly, that there would be a case of 11 x 17 paper, which is the money saving, preferred paper for underclass independent publishers. That would end the need to beg him like a maimed, starving dog for paper as has often been the case. It still has not appeared. Then on April 2nd, in a talk with IPRC Founder R.G., a strong art gallery supporter and painting contributor (despite our statewide "boycott of the IPRC art gallery and monetary donations",) stated that "paper is not a resource to be provided by the Independent Publisher's Resource Center".] The racist, ageist, ableist discrimination and lack of accessibility to non-English speakers in the IPRC is at such a crisis level that it is crucial that anti-discrimination progress be measured often, and be measure in way that can be measured by all members of the IPRC (many of our pro-equality members travel continuously nationwide, without a mailing address, quite often, especially in the Summer). Due to the increasing anti-equality hostility from an isolated few, very outspoken, well published members and patrons of the IPRC, the webpage progress reports should be available on a webpage linked from the IPRC homepageso that no hostile members can see the pro-equality members, or the many anonymous IPRC reform supporters and members of the media looking at it.

#3. Please consider holding three multicultural open house days per year, one every four months, planned a year in advance. The first one will be in within four months, but no sooner than two months from now so that we can have time to place free-of-charge calendar advertisement in all the free ethnic publications. (Cost to IPRC: 100% free-of-charge. (Time completion estimate: 1 Multi-Cultural open house each day every four months. At the very most, 8 hours of email time to notify all the surrounding ethnic newspapers for each multicultural open house day).

#4 Please consider this: The 2000 census listed that there are over 100,000 documented Spanish speakers in Portland. Because of every immigrants highly justifiable fear of government employees "who ask to many questions," it is estimated by population experts that there are about 400,000 Latinos In the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington area and at least half do not speak English. It would be nice to have a Spanish information brochure, Spanish IPRC webpage option and a Spanish version of the "IPRC Zine Workshop, Resources & Information On Publishing" booklet and most importantly a Spanish grievance form. In order to read the Spanish grievance form, teach a Spanish workshop or even talk to any Latino people it might be a good idea to recruit Latino volunteers.

#5. Please consider this: We are within the one-mile radius of the old Chinatown and there is an increasingly large Asian population in Multnomah County; out of respect we should have a Vietnamese or Cambodian information brochure and those versions of IPRC's "Zine Workshop, Resources & Information On Publishing" booklet.

#6. Please consider this: Of the comparatively few people who were documented by the government employees of the 2000 census, there are far over 10,000 Slavic and Russian language speakers in our area. In a February 14, 2000 Mercy Corp article titled "Russian immigrants love new lives in USA" By Linda Baker "A 1999 report, created by the Center for Population Research and Census at Portland State University, estimates there are 40,000 Russian-speaking people living in Multnomah County alone. According to the Portland-Khabarovsk Sister City Association, another 20,000 Russian-speaking people have settled in Vancouver, Wash."  link to www.mercycorps.com
Potential Slavic-speaking IPRC patrons may express a feeling of being victimized by discrimination by the lack of Slavic language material. It would be nice to have The Slavic language Macintosh software (such as Cyrillic fonts) that is free of charge to download. A single Slavic language keyboard support would be very considerate. And a Slavic language version of the information brochure.

#7. Please consider this: The Baby Boomer generation is the largest elderly population in the history of the U.S.A.. Many people have feel ageism is a far too often a factor. To my knowledge, there are no staff or volunteers over 40 in the IPRC. Please consider trying to recruit at least one elderly volunteer over 50 years old by using focused aggressive volunteer recruitment. This can be done by contacting groups that advocate for the elderly (cost to the IPRC: Free) or by advertising in any one of the three elderly newspapers of the Portland area (cost to the IPRC: it might be free once the newspapers find out you're a non-profit group). In this way perhaps we can have an elderly volunteer over 50 years of age represent the needs of the elderly population.  http://www.upa.pdx.edu/IOA/SALC/

#8. Please consider this: We are members of the "Independent" Publishing Resource Center. No one in a wheelchair and no elderly person with limited mobility in their arms should have to suffer the humiliation and the degrading feeling of being "dependent" on anyone to simply reach a zine on high library shelves or to simply get a stapler which is currently located on shelves over 5 feet high in the workshop. Everything in the IPRC should be accessible to people in wheelchairs. This especially applies to the print room since the letterpress is located on high wheelchair-inaccessible counter tops. The letterpress workshop is one of the most popular ones the IPRC has ever hosted, so wheelchair accessibility issue would be of a great concern. I have received a number of very emotional emails concerning these issues. There is enough room in the IPRC that we could spread things out in several rooms, especially if we eliminated the brand new art gallery, so that it is all accessible to people in wheelchairs.

#9. Please consider this: There should be more than one table in the workshop. Even if it is just two tables like it was before the recent renovations that made room for the art gallery. As you can see on the IPRC donations page, (  http://www.iprc.org/donations.php ) the IPRC has 130 members. The workshop table was removed at the request of the staff and volunteers because they felt there was "no need for two tables" based on the fact that 95% of the time the staff and volunteers have the privilege of using the table during non-open hours (as explained to me in person by an IPRC staff member who was angrily defending the fact that, yes, staff do occasionally use the tables). It just makes sense that there are two tables so that non-privileged IPRC members and non-members are not packed together like government ghettos.

#10. Please consider this: There is zero accessibility for visually challenged people. The IPRC needs, at the very least, a Braille information brochure and a Braille version of IPRC's "Zine Workshop, Resources & Information On Publishing" booklet. For the visually challenged we need screen-Access Technology, such as Jaws for Windows (which is considered the best), Window-Eyes, Window Bridge 2000, or outSPOKEN for Windows which will see The IPRC computer screen and articulate what is there. Those are the recommended software packages from the National Federation for the Blind.
 http://www.nfb.org/bm/bm01/bm0101/bm010104.htm (Cost to the IPRC: between $400.00 and $800.00 . This will probably need a grant! Estimated completion time: Afraid to wonder. Unless one of the wonderful people of Portland who are reading this would like to donate it or know where we can get it for free!! Please!) Most importantly, due to crisis level of discrimination against the visually challenged in the IPRC, we highly recommend that the IPRC recruit a completely blind or visually challenged member, preferably within the next 3 months. Because only a completely blind person can truly know all the considerations needed to welcome the completely blind and visually challenged. There are a vastly unlimited amount of organizations that will help accommodate this free-of-charge.

Many of these issues could be eliminated if the new art gallery room were transformed into an "IPRC Really Does Make Accessibility to all people a #1 Priority" room. The original two founders of the IPRC are R.G. and B.B., as reported in an issue of American Amateur Journalist, Vol, 65, Number 3. Stiff opposition is expected to replacing the art gallery (to provide accessibility to all people of all races and ages) because the original 2 founders of the IPRC both still have their art in the art gallery. Also, after talking with IPRC founder R.G., it was learned that the goal of the art gallery as a permanent fixture was still being considered.


Please note, NOT all IPRC members are against reform and equality. This is why the IPRC has not canceled my membership or found some corny, politically correct excuse to say that I am not welcome there. I have received private emails from some IPRC volunteers and members who support immediate reform in the IPRC but they are, justifiably, terrified of experiencing the same backlash that I have received from fellow members. I still love all members of IPRC and all people of the world.

Amy's Pro-Equality article  http://portland.indymedia.org/display.php3?article_id=54838&group=webcast

Kirsten's Pro-Equality article  http://portland.indymedia.org/display.php3?article_id=55313&group=webcast

To read a chronicle of events that led up to this news article  http://portland.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=53331 and scroll down to "Day 40 Tuesday".

The Love & Unity database of Portland Indymedia related articles and comments:
 link to www.angelfire.com I love you all.

For more info about the open house On April 5th, 2003, click here,

-If you desire, Bring your camera and plenty of film
-Give the IPRC no money donations.
-Submit no artwork to the IPRC art gallery which was made at the expense of disadvantaged and oppressed people.
-Please support the "Boycott of IPRC monetary donations and Boycott of submissions to their art gallery art".

Bye! We HIGHLY recommend the book , "the giving tree" for all children and all people. It is the story of a tree that gave everything she had for the happiness of a little boy. We, the oppressed, the ignored, who have so little, are giving it everything we've got to bring love, unity, and equality to all people starting in the IPRC to help bring independent pro-peace unity to the world, and so that one day children in wheelchairs, non-english speaking children, blind and deaf children will have an equal opportunity for happiness in this crazy world!

We hope you will join us!

We love you all!

homepage: homepage: http://www.angelfire.com/poetry/love2020/1PeopleHaveToldUsTheyLikeToStandUpWhenUsingTheTypewriter.html
phone: phone: 503 - 768 -5262
address: address: P.O. Box 3405 , Portland, Oregon 97208