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PARECON: life after capitalism

Jacket notes and link for Michael Albert's book. What finally seems to be a cohesive answer to the age old challenge to the left as to what "the new world" might look like.

Comments from Zinn and Chomsky.
From the Jacket:

How can we replace the economics of exploitation and greed with an economics of equitable cooperation and solidarity? How can we put people in charge of their own economic life, rather than being controlled by corporations and markets? How can we foster economic well-being that benefits the whole society, rather than engorgement of the few?

In this highly praised book, attracting worldwide attention and support, Michael Albert provides an answer: Participatory Economics, called parecon for short, is a new economy beyond capitalism. Parecon celebrates solidarity, equity, diversity, and people democratically controlling their own lives. To attain these values, it utilizes original institutions for production, consumption, and allocation, described throughout the book. .

Howard Zinn Comments: "I can't count the number of times when serious critics of our social system would say to me: 'Why can't we come up with a vision of what a good society would be like?' This is what Mike Albert boldly does in Parecon: Life After Capitalism, and the result is an imaginative, carefully reasoned description, persistently provocative, of how we might live free from economic injustice."

For more information, including the table of contents, comments about the book, and an interview with the author, please continue below.

Noam Chomsky Comments: "There is enormous dissatisfaction, worldwide, with prevailing socioeconomic conditions and the choices imposed by the reigning institutions. Calls for change range from patchwork reform to more far-reaching changes. Michael Albert's work on participatory economics outlines in substantial detail a program of radical reconstruction, presenting a vision that draws from a rich tradition of thought and practice of the libertarian left and popular movements, but adding novel critical analysis and specific ideas and modes of implementation for constructive alternatives. It merits close attention, debate, and action."

more commentary:
Future Thinking Vision 04.Apr.2003 19:51

and achievable goals

I am glad this post came up. It's important to have concrete visions of what would be better. It's also important for there to be demands that we work toward achieving with the protests...The city has not been given a way to "give in" so the protests could let up on the PBA -- they lose a lot with the protests... and would pressure the city to give in to some demands if the demands were put out clearly...

How 'bout trying again for the city council to pass an anti-war resolution? Something that (most) everyone was all for doing just a month or two ago-- maybe they would listen now...

This might be one way to focus the resistance and to have one project that everyone on the left seems to agree should happen here in portland...

Then those businesses that are indirectly or directly benefitting from the war need to be identified, along with the corporate media that is not even trying to provide truthful reporting...

just following the lead of s.f.