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The US and Violence

Arundhati Roy explains the connection of US foreign policy and violence.
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A. Roy

The USA Imperialists Are Caught in A Quagmire of Sin and Annihilation

"Whoever defends the Iraqi people and dies will be a holy martyr... Sharia Law
says we must defend Iraq and stand by its people. If we fail then we have
wasted the trust that God has placed us in." March 21, 2003; Grand shiek
Mohammed Sayyed al-Tantawi, clerical leadr of Sunni Muslims speaking inside
the historic al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo, Egypt. He along with almost every
Cleric and Mullah in the Islamic world of one billion people call for a Holy
War of Jihad against the USA and its allies.

The US destroys the people, culture, ecology and economy of Iraq as it has
done in Palestine, Lebanon, Afghanistan, North America and the Andes
Mountains. This all-consuming Beast that Walks the Earth wastes the capital
of the world's future. Bush has already spent 80 billion on his war and
bribes for allies. Every week that the war drags on it costs the US (and the
world) 20 to 30 billion more in immediate and longterm waste.
The US has killed over 500 civilians directly and wounded another 1500.
Even if the US withdrew now, thousands of wounded and displaced civilians
will die from the damage that the US has already committed and the poverty
that expands from the waste of war and death. Two thousand Iraqi soldiers
have also been martyred and this assures that terrorism, suicide bombings
and guerrilla war will grow and spread for generations in the Middle East
and around the world.

The US has bombed Iraqi oil wells and refineries and terribly polluted the
ocean around southern Iraq. As the war continues many species will be driven
into extinction and the ecology of the Tigris and Euphrates river systems
will be terribly impacted. The US plan is to take this war to Iran, Saudi
Arabia and Syria so that it can place its own puppet dictators on these
thrones. Even the US Special Forces advisor Richard Kaplan admitted this in
a March Fresh Air program with Terry Gross on National Public Radio. This
expanded US war of conquest will have dire consequences for the people, the
ecology and the future of the Middle East, the Near East and the whole
planet.(See also:
The Attack Iran Plan of the Reckless,Criminal Little Bush
( http://italy.indymedia.org/news/2003/03/222668.php)

The list of victims from this reckless and criminal US aggression is broad
and unprecedented: Every Arab government, many Moslem governments and
several other governments (UK, SPAIN, Brazil, Salvadoran, Polish, Colombian
and Australian) are now totally illegitimate having violated the expressed
will and expectations of their people. All of humanity is shocked at the
awful terrorism that the US is inflicting worldwide.
Another victim is the United Nations which the USA has long cajoled and
forced its way with. Now the US cannot even bribe its way in the UN or the
UN Security Council. The US was removed from the World Court for "terrorist"
attacks on Nicaragua in 1982. The Criminal Little Bush of the Black House
unsigned former President Clinton's signature from the International
Criminal Court because this US terrorism and war crimes against Iraq,
Palestine, Colombia and Afghanistan were already planned. If the UN does not
convene a General Assembly immediately, condemn the US aggression and force
the Security Council to intervene then the Reckless Criminal Bush will have
been correct in his prediction that the UN was obsolete and irrelevant.
Another victim from the US attacks is the rule of International law and with
it trade agreements and currency regimes. The world economy thus will
probably sink deep into recession and stagnation and conflict. The myth and
image of the nice-guy USA is forever dead. The hope for peaceful change is
In the US there is an ugly dictatorship. It is the dictatorship of 200
million "me-s" and "Me-Firsters." 200 million fearfully selfish isolated
victims of denial and quilt. This terror arises from the primal fear of
being wrong about everything. The US is so obviously a failure and a genetic
experiment gone wrong. Social engineering for profits with no regard to the
long run always means ugliness and failure. Now people everywhere know that
the US is a sad and deformed creature whose values and methods must be put
to sleep - gently if that were possible.

"We're going to use Human Bombs against America," Screamed Mahmoud Ahmed, a
marketing executive protesting at the US Embassy in Cairo on March 21. "We
will defend Saddam and all Arab people with our blood as we wave Iraqi and
Palestinian flags."

The US is always on the side of violence. The US is violence. Violence is
the natural choice of Imperialism and arrogance.

Around the world people want a change and they would fight for iot if they
thought they might succeed. This is a key part of the Bush strategy: to
destroy hope and options and force the US solutions on the whole world. A
related view is found at :

Utopie Kreativ, October 2000, translated from the German on the
World Wide
Web,  http://www.linksnet.de/drucksicht.php?id=819.

The art of alternative politics consists in utilizing the widespread
rejection of further subordination of kindergartens, schools and
universities, health institutions and the cultural realm under the "terror
of the economy" (Viviane Forrester) for transformational developments. This
can be related to the worldly interests of people.

Opinions on the Future
"How do you picture our society in 10 years?"

(German population of voting age, in %) Agree
Seniors will have greater difficulty understanding society 71

Society will become colder and more selfish 71

The rich will become richer and the poor poorer 70

Money will become more important and people more materialistic 68

Only the strong will prevail 54

The future will become increasingly uncertain 50

With more prosperity, we will be able to afford more 16

Politics will be citizen-friendly 7

There will be more solidarity and more cohesion 6

Source: Institut fur Demoskopie Allensbach, Frankfurter Allgemeiner Zeitung
(FAZ), August 16, 2000
Individualization and Worldly Approaches
The process of individualization is one of the basic characteristics of
civil societies. Filling one's life with self-determined meaning, living
according to one's own standard and striving for individual freedom for each
and every one contradicts the logic of capital and the transformation of all
spheres of life into objects of commercialization. A social logic has its
deepest roots here. Decisive initiatives for a transformation to a just
society can be found here. However these initiatives need the decisive
renewal of democracy. On one hand, individualization processes can be
promoted through higher incomes, better education, greater mobility,
advances in the emancipation of women and greater acceptance of different
sexual orientations. On the other hand, equal social participation in
democratic decisions, family-supporting work, education, knowledge, culture
and social security are only dreams for the majority of the population even
in the rich countries of the western world. The emancipative sides of the
historical individualization process are overlain by that other side,
loneliness, isolation, retreat into the private and efforts at elbowroom
against one another. [end German article]

A growing desire for change along with a growing fear that it is impossible
could result in large increases in crime, violence, drug abuse and
psychological sickness throughout the world.
Most people in the US sense the necessity of "the demise". They know that
their country has gone down a terribly wrong path and it no longer stands
for anything except violence - the politics of a crude cave man with a
hungry big stick - as the German foreign minister recently called King
George's policies. Yes, GW Bush will go down (literally and
journalistically) in history as the last siginificant dictator. Just as in
1770 the people of the world are fed up with taxation (US economic
domination/exploitation) without representation - without a voice or a
choice or a future under the US boot. The New Boston Tea Party came with
Hugo Chavez throwing the agents of the US - Gustavo Cisneros, Carmona,
Ortega and Fernandez out into the sea. The Committees of Correspondence are
busy in Cairo, Quito, Gaza, Brasilia, Buenos Aires and in World Social
Forums across the globe.
Of course the Bush family has been much more violent and despicable than old
King George who the US chose to overthrew in 1776. The modern US structure
of terror, is a disease of materialism and the short term thinking that the
US breeds and perpetuates around the world. Moderates trapped in
contradictions and denial help to keep the poor of the world from rising
up. Like the "merry-old" England of the 1700's no one in the US has any
morality or the guts to fight the lies of Bush's rightwing ravings. Without
an opposition to the Bush family terrorism the inevitable global revolution
is held back and stunted. The only thing that people hold in high regard
about the US is its consumer products. How pitiful. The US is not just an
ugly dictatorship to the world and its own people, it is ugly in art and in

The war-sickness of the USA is infecting the whole world and forcing people
to abandon civic dialog and democratic procedures in order to mobilize
increasingly violent resistance to the US and its paid-puppet allies. When
change comes it will be enormous and devastating. Already it is unsafe for
US and soon for all light skinned Europeans to travel outside of the West.
Within a year US and British businesses will be bombed or forced to close
through public pressure and boycotts. US and many other airlines are all
going bankrupt and costing governments and investors many billions of
dollars in subsidies.


The US is always on the side of violence. The US is violence. Violence
is the natural choice of Imperialism and arrogance.


"Challenges facing the great majority of humanity:
1- U.S. imperialist drive for world domination through the Bush doctrine of
"permanent wars"... in the Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq... North Korea, Iran and
the Arab East... Colombia ... Cuba and the support for a military coup in
2- The recolonization of Latin America via the imposition of ALCA [FTAA] and
the transfer of sovereignty to a U.S. controlled ALCA commission.
Washington's application of the doctrine of "extra-territoriality", which
asserts the right of the U.S. to override international and national laws.
The rejection by the U.S. of the International Criminal Court in order to
allow its military forces to commit crimes with impunity. The U.S. has
assumed the "right" for its military and intelligence agents to commit
homicide - to assassinate - political adversaries within the frontiers of
any country.
James Petras www.rebelion.org/petras/english/petras290103.htm

The US is always on the side of violence. The US is violence. Violence is
the natural choice of Imperialism and arrogance.

A. Roy wrote at
Oh Love, Where art Thou?
phony evidence of alleged links between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda. House
of Cards (full story) www.latimes.com/la-oe-scheer11feb11,0,44...
--Adam Cherrill, Manager of Business Development, Raytheon Business
Systems, November 18, 2002 Raytheon--Israel--Congress: an Iron Triangle
(full story)
Missile Launchers Parked In Downtown DC
Left over? by The Guardian 7:29pm Wed Feb 12 '03 The left in America was
once a powerful force that fought for civil rights and helped to end the
Vietnam war. But today, with the US poised to attack Iraq, where are the
voices of dissent? Gary Younge goes search of the opposition Left over?
The Antiwar Anti-Semites: Peace protest organizers tolerate no dissent.
by Michael Lerner 7:09pm Wed Feb 12 '03 (Modified on 2:05pm Thu Feb 13 '03)
SAN FRANCISCO--Imagine my surprise when I found out that I am banned from
speaking at a peace rally here this Sunday. As editor of Tikkun, the
largest-circulation liberal Jewish magazine in the world, I have been an
outspoken critic of the proposed war in Iraq. I have also unequivocally
condemned Saddam Hussein's brutality and called for the world community to
bring him to justice for crimes against humanity. But we at Tikkun do not
believe that this war--in which thousands of Iraqi civilians are likely to
die--will bring democracy to the Middle East. Instead, it is bound to
increase the threat of terrorism to American citizens and provoke more
violence. It will also fuel American fantasies of world economic and
political domination.
The Antiwar Anti-Semites: Peace protest organizers tolerate no dissent.
(full story and 16 comments)www.opinionjournal.com/

Global: two different worlds by Stephen Roach 4:32pm Wed Feb 12 '03
. . . in sharp contrast with that of 1991, it's a US-centric world that is
still picking up the pieces from the greatest bubble of them all. It's a
world whose sole growth engine is now sputtering and coming to grips with an
energy shock every bit as large as that which triggered recession in
1990-91. It's also a world that has utterly failed to uncover a new source
of growth. Global: two different worlds ; By: Robert Rudnicki
www.morganstanley.com/GEFdata/digests/20... Posted: Thursday, February

What Peace loving People in Muslim Countries are Talking About Today
by IMC IRL unshady unpaid tired ex editor Sun, Mar 23 2003, 10:09am

Liberation - US Style by uncle samuel Sun, Mar 23 2003, 12:24pm
US general: 'West is failing Afghans' Kabul: Pace of reconstruction
'frustrating' says military chief. As American and British cruise missiles
create havoc in Baghdad, a US general has accused the West of failing to do
enough to rebuild the last country visited by President Bush's military -
Afghanistan. His remarks come amid widespread fury in the international
community over the US-British invasion of Iraq, coupled with concern that
the onslaught began before adequate preparations had been made for a
possible humanitarian crisis.

Above has nice comment about growing up brain washed
www.aeronautics.ru/news/news002/news078.... add your own comments

(above is Arab Victory)
With or without UN backing Immoral & Unjust
Tariq Ali, The Kashmir Observer, March 18, 2003. This war is immoral and
unjust, with or without UN backing. The consciences of those opposed to the
unilateralist bombing of cities and civilian deaths are appeased if the
weapons of destruction are fired with UN support. This level of confusion
raises questions about the UN today. Do its resolutions carry any weight if
opposed by the US, as has repeatedly been the case with Palestine
 http://www.nowarblog.org/archives/000389.html (Irish ruses)
Israel says the US has offered the country $10bn (6.4bn) to bail it out of
the worst economic crisis in its history. Israel's Finance Ministry said the
package consisted of $1bn (640m) in direct military aid and $9bn in loan
guarantees. But, several hours after Israel announced the deal, the US said
it had not made a decision about the aid package. Israel already receives
$3bn a year from the US, mostly as military aid

( http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/2867619.stm)
The Attack Iran Plan of the Reckless,Criminal Little Bush
Top Ten Reasons Why GW Bushie is THE beast
1. George has 6 letters; Walker has 6 letters; and Bush Jr. has 6 letters
2. Bush was born on 6/6/46 (The 4 is the Nazi symbol for purity and the
3. President Bush served for six years as the 46th Governor of the State of
Texas and he had 6 affairs during this time.
4. His National Guard Identification number was 669.
5. His first nickname was Big beastie.
6. He won the Presidency and the Florida electoral college votes with 666
stolen ballots.
7. June 6 of 1966, while driving drunk he killed a 6 year old girl who was
born on June 6, 1960.
8. When he snorts up enough cocaine a strange symbol like an infinity symbol
that looks more like 69 appears on his forehead and his penis.
9. He was born at 7:06 pm which is 6 hours and 66 minutes past noon.
10. He became the first Governor in Texas history to be elected to
consecutive four-year terms when he was re-elected on November 3, 1998, with
66.6 percent of the vote.






Below is more on US Soldiers as warcriminals



Anger as productive? by Sharon Needles 12:41am Sun Mar 23 '03

I feel the time for abandonment of anger has passed? Place yourself in the
shoes (provided they have ANY at all) of the impoverished Iraqis who will
likely suffer.
We are entitled to what is righteous rage. While I feel the person's post
above is perhaps unnecessarily stated, it suffices as a vent for that
person. Anger does not exclude pacificsm, if that's what you're getting
But I feel that it ludicrous to demand any informed person to curb their
anger. Right now, while we speak, sleep, laugh, and dine- men, women, and
children languish in fear- those who do not die will most likely suffer
psychological trauma the likes of which most Americans will never know. All
of us now have a very innate right to anger- and the goal here is putting
that anger towards constructive ends. Anyone can be angry. Not everyone can
redirect that passionate energy towards productive organization. But
ideally, that might be our union... How long should we wait? La hora es

su hora es mi hora by sidMerid 5:26pm Sun Mar 23 '03
Well anger and frustration are natural, and yes, blocking or demanding
anyone do something like curb their natural tendancies strips them of their
rights as beings. Whether it can be used to solve problems is another matter
entirely. Is it the energy? The clarity? The focus? You know, while
extolling anger's virtues, can also ask is its power in the scattered
freneticness? The sure hardness of belief?


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