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Let's Remember to Pick-up After Ourselves!!

After the great turnout for the 3/31 IndyMedia videos of resistance showing at It's a Beautiful Pizza, we wondered why everybody had not picked-up his/her own dishes, etc., and put them in the dining room bus tubs? We think that most folks know that is how it's done there. The owner has hosted many events for many of our issues. It's important that we honor that and thank him by putting the place back the way it was after we move chairs and tables around too.
So, thank you all for reading this. Let's jump in next time and clean-up for the owner. Maybe an announcement could be made at the beginning of the next event about protocol for leaving IBP, or any place, neat after an event. By the way, the owner never said a thing about the mess as he is the nicest person with who we have ever worked---we just decided to help clean-up. This "article" is not intended to sound negative as it's just a reality check. Thanks.
Thanks for the reminder 01.Apr.2003 21:13


Thanks for the reminder. Being responsible, unlike our warmongering friends, is one of the important things that set us apart. I'll do my part.

the other 2 earliest comments were erased... 02.Apr.2003 20:28


ok, where did the other comments gooo...from this a.m. Interesting. Would anyone from Indymedia like to help me understand this? thanks...