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Allies in the "War on Terror"

There seems to be a lot of name-calling and sterotyping going on. I've been guilty of this too many times. People in the "peace movement" should all be aware that WE are all soldiers in the "War on Terror"- terror being the insane actions of the Bush Administration. And we must take pride in this- The mass-media keeps saying things like 75% of people support Bush, etc- we know this is not true.
There seems to be a lot of name calling and stereotyping going on- What we must realise is that most of the country is on our side- many many people are afraid to speak out or have been decived by mainstream media into thinking everyone loves Bush. So everyone talk to your friends and neighbors, no matter what they look or act like. You would be amazed at the kinds of people who are against this thing. Personally I own a chainsaw, I'm rather anti-abortion and support limits on "a womans right to choose" and I have a full freezer as I clobbered an Elk this winter with my WWII army rifle. I favor Beech-Nut over other brands of chewing tobbaco. Redneck? of course! White trash? maybe? Against the actions of the white house? More than Anything!- I was arrested at the 2nd and Burnside sit in. Intentionally as I felt that it was the strongest possible way to register my dissent. Even though this may harm me in my "career" as an Electrician (Think big government jobs).. Let me tell you there are many many people such as myself "rednecks for Peace" So please please go talk to everyone you know. Remember people are heavily influenced by mainstream media. And people are extremely afraid of saying something that might cost them their job or social contacts. So we need to do as we say and honor diversity.. Dont be afraid of talking to anyone- Fear is the Bushies' weapon. If we give in to fear, they have won- that's why I said we have a "War on Terror" and we are all Soldiers for our country. I love this country more than anything or anyone, and most of us feel this way. WE are the patriotic ones here. Never forget that, and always keep it foremost in your mind whan discussing politics with "the other side" - find yourself one of the more reasonable "war mongers" at a rally, start up some friendly dialouge and after talking with them for a good hour or so you'll realize how much we all have in common. But more than that, go out and talk to everyone especially the people you think should be on the "other side" I guarantee you will be suprised. We know that 75% of the country is not in favor of an unjust war, but 75% of the country thinks that 75% are in favor and sadly this is almost the same..

Unite against tyranny 01.Apr.2003 15:58

jest thinkin'

Thanks for this post. I've been thinkin' for a while that the extreme right wing has more in common with the left than many of us realize. Bush and gang, despite masquerading as conservatives, are really the worst kind of big government fascists. Anyone who simply cares for freedom (that is, actual freedom to live as we want, not the banal slogan of operation iraqi liberation, aka O.I.L.) should see the Bush cabal as the danger they are.

As far as the NRA goes, well, I've suggested to my liberal friends for a long time that the 2nd amendment is there for one reason, and it's not to let us keep our hunting rifles. The people are allowed to bear arms as a prevention against tyranny. It's much harder to oppress an armed population than an unarmed one.

Glad you were willing to put yourself on the line against this war, my white trash friend. Keep fighting for freedom and you'll find me beside you.

Way Cool 01.Apr.2003 16:18


I was waiting for one of you guys to come along and show up the trolls. I appreciate your honesty and, like you imply, that 70& or so in favor is a bullshit figure. I wish others that are right leaning would realize that Bush is really the commie, not the anti-war group. I'm a vietnam vet and though the press can always find a few of us in total support of Bush's war, almost everyone I've spoken to are not only vehemently against it, they are suffering from recurrent PTSD over the coverage, myself included. We may not agree on everything, but hey what two people do, what spouses do? What we need to realize is what we have in common. This current administration, as well as previous ones are as far from the average Joe and Jane as you can get. Don't be fooled by the phony cowboy image of Bush or the phony "I'm a cool guy who plays sax and gets blow jobs" Clinton. Both these assholes are war criminal, both support the WTO and all its harmful ramifications to the environment, to the worker. Both are beholden to big corporations, and does not mean you. I can go on, but I am fed up.

lying statistics 01.Apr.2003 16:58


Regarding the media figures: it seems that they only poll people on the phone-so what about those who don't answer, don't have phones, aren't home because they're critical massing, etc. Also I read a Boregonian article last week that stated that 4 million people watch Faux and 3.7 million watch CNN. This sounds impossible to verify; how can they know? It got me wondering what the US population is so I looked that up: 281,421,906 in the last census! Do the math as to what percentage is supposedly watching the hype! Ha!