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Editorial Policy?

tell us again the editorial policy?
It has been my understanding that you make any original content a feature.
Not true. I have posted accounts of events that I have been at, yet they have not been featured. Would this be because I also happened to be involved in the organizing of those events?

Yet you also make upcoming events features. What's your policy on that?
Nothing I have posted lately has been included as a feature until I asked. Is there some prejudice against faith-based events? Are Portland Buddhist Peace Fellowship events mistakenly taken to be non-local and non-grassroots? This is both a local group and events are planned and implemented by local folks.

Or, I really hope not, have my posts been ignored because I have posted constructive criticism on this site?

Please understand that these questions are sincere, not intended to be criticism. I really would like to know why some things are made features and some are not.
mostly time and space constraints 01.Apr.2003 15:01

imc volunteer

everyone working on this site is trying to do five things at once. when the newswire speeds up (sometimes there are 1000 in one day), it's hard to keep up with it ... thus things that would ordinarily become features slip through the cracks.

please identify which post you want featured by title and url.

ok, thanks 01.Apr.2003 15:38


i know we are all spread thin right now, and i know imc is quite busy. this disappeared from the front page rather quickly.

here it is, thanks:

Nonviolent Civil Disobedience Demystified: Introductory Workshop


another thing you could do 01.Apr.2003 15:38

different volunteer

is email the editorial list-serv when you see that your post isn't featured. include the url and it will happen. The list serve is under the "about" page on the frontpage of the site

don't forget the calendar 01.Apr.2003 21:34

another indy volunteer

When there is a lot of features going up, and then an event that is not happening for awhile gets posted (if I notice), I sometimes don't feature it right away...

I usually save some of these to my desktop and make sure these have been put on the calendar -- If not I try to take the time to do this, and then use the desktop to remind me to feature these stories closer to the time they are going to happen. (Things get buried on the features just as fast as they get buried on the newswire.)

And yeah, sending a reminder before the event to the editorial list helps --  imc-editorial-portland@indymedia.org

(sometimes this list is flaky though, so...)

posting again as the event nears and always posting to the calendar are good ways to ensure action is taken and the event is well publicized... Like flyering, never hurts to go back over a place you've been already... also if one part of the site is down, usually another part works... the nature of a crumbling server and assaults from those who would like to impede the flow...

Buddhas Not Bombs included right away 01.Apr.2003 21:48

pdx indy volunteer #6082

Hi Enji --

when you made the request for the Buddhas Not Bombs regular event to be added to the top feature, it happened right away. within a couple hours, i think. (i did that as soon as i saw it).

here's what it says, and it has a link to your post, too:
EVERY THU: Buddhas Not Bombs Meditation Vigil - Noon in Peace Plaza in South Park Blocks

i, personally, haven't seen any other posts about/from the Buddhist Fellowship to feature, but i have certainly missed many many of the posts that have gone through. so i know there's featureable stuff i've personally missed. it's just hard to keep up right now; the site has more postings to it currently than ever before. check it out at:  http://portland.indymedia.org/stats

also, there's been some discussion about "Events features"; certainly the effort is to make a feature out of every original local item, but not every event announcement is featured when it comes up, it's true. there are many event announcements, and they would push original reporting out of the center column really fast. editorial volunteers have discussed no-more-events-features-at-all (and this idea was discarded) and have more recently been talking about features that combine events. that way, events can get featured, but won't push off reporting as fast.

there is, of course, the calendar, too, as someone mentioned above.

right now, the community seems to want anti-war/peace features listed at the top all of the time. there have been requests to add stuff there, and no one has said that the site shouldn't have that section, so it's there for now.

in 2-3ish weeks, the site will be re-launched on new software and hardware and will have a different appearance. there will also be a new calendar and more ways of doing things, so there will be more options to play with at that time.

anyway, it's nice to hear you like using the site, and i'm glad you do. ideologically, you and i have very little in common, but that's what's cool about indymedia -- it can serve many different people and ideas!