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Lies, lies, and more lies

Doesn't it bother the war supporters that the government is caught lying multiple times every day? You'd think if the actions of this administration were so noble and just they would just tell the truth.
'You didn't fire a warning shot soon enough!'

A journalist's account of the killing of a car full of Iraqi civilians by US soldiers differs widely from the official military version, says Brian Whitaker

Tuesday April 1, 2003

The invasion forces suffered another self-inflicted disaster in the battle for hearts and minds yesterday when soldiers from the US 3rd infantry division shot dead Iraqi seven women and children.
The incident occurred on Route 9, near Najaf, when a car carrying 13 women and children approached a checkpoint.

A US military spokesman says the soldiers motioned the vehicle to stop but their signals were ignored. However, according to the Washington Post, Captain Ronny Johnson, who was in charge of the checkpoint, blamed his own troops for ignoring orders to fire a warning shot.

"You just fucking killed a family because you didn't fire a warning shot soon enough!", he reportedly yelled at them.

In another checkpoint incident this morning, US forces say they killed an unarmed Iraqi driver outside Shatra.

Meanwhile it has emerged - as a result of detective work on the internet by a Guardian reader - that the explosion in a Baghdad market which killed more than 60 people last Friday was indeed caused by a cruise missile and not an Iraqi anti-aircraft rocket as the US has suggested.

A metal fragment found at the scene by British journalist Robert Fisk carried various markings, including "MFR 96214 09". This, our reader pointed out in an email, is a manufacturer's identification number known as a "cage code".

Cage codes can be looked up on the internet (www.gidm.dlis.dla.mil), and keying in the number 96214 traces the fragment back to a plant in McKinney, Texas, owned by the Raytheon Company.

Raytheon, whose headquarters are in Lexington, Massachusetts, aspires "to be the most admired defence and aerospace systems supplier through world-class people and technology", according to its website (www.raytheon.com). It makes a vast array of military equipment, including the AGM-129 cruise missile which is launched from B-52 bombers.

On the political front, two new quarrels have broken out. One centres on an attempt by the US to set up its own inspection team to find the alleged Iraqi weapons that United Nations inspectors did not find. The US appears unaware that such a project will have little credibility internationally and has pressed ahead, offering jobs to some of the UN inspectors.

The two chief UN inspectors, Hans Blix and Mohamed ElBaradei, head of the International Atomic Energy Authority, are reportedly furious. Dr Baradei, in remarks quoted by the BBC, insisted that the IAEA is the sole body with legal authority to verify any nuclear programmes in Iraq.

The other row concerns the new Pentagon-controlled Iraqi government that the US is establishing in Kuwait, with 23 ministries, each headed by an American and with four US-appointed Iraqi advisers.

Former US general Jay Garner, who was placed in overall charge of the "interim government", is annoyed by the efforts of Paul Wolfowitz, the deputy defence secretary, to impose several controversial Iraqis as advisers in the government.

They include Ahmed Chalabi, head of the opposition Iraqi National Congress, who will be offered an advisory post in the finance ministry. Mr Chalabi was previously convicted in his absence of a multi-million dollar banking fraud in Jordan, though he denies the charges.

Mr Wolfowitz wants posts in other ministries to go to Mr Chalabi's nephew, Salem, and to three of his close associates, Tamara Daghestani, Goran Talebani and Aras Habib.

In an interview with the BBC yesterday, the British home secretary, David Blunkett, conceded that at present the invasion forces are "seen as villains", but he added:

"Once this is over and there is a free Iraq, with a democratic state ... the population as a whole will say that we want a free country, we want a state to live in where we can use our talents to the full."

The veteran American war correspondent, Peter Arnett, was sacked by NBC television yesterday for giving an interview to an Iraqi TV journalist in which he said the US had "misjudged the determination of the Iraqi forces". He was immediately offered a new job by a British newspaper, the Daily Mirror, which opposes the war.

Another war-related tragedy has occurred in Israel, where two elderly sisters were found dead - apparently suffocated - in a room that they had made airtight against a possible Iraqi chemical attack. Three others died in similar circumstances a fortnight ago.

On the ground in Iraq, battles continue in various locations. US forces "testing" the southern defences of Baghdad are reportedly fighting Republican Guards and other forces at Hindiya, some 50 miles from the capital.

Fighting has also erupted along the Euphrates river near ancient Babylon. US marines entered Shatra, 20 miles north of Nassiriya, after storming it with planes, tanks and helicopter gunships, and British Royal Marines clashed with Iraqi paramilitaries south of Basra.

Bombing of Baghdad continued overnight. Targets included the Iraqi national Olympic committee, which is run by Saddam Hussein's son, Uday.

At least one American soldier has been reported killed at Hindiya. A British soldier was also killed yesterday - the 26th since the war began. The defence ministry said he died "in the course of his duties" but gave no details.

homepage: homepage: http://www.guardian.co.uk/Iraq/dailybriefing/story/0,12965,927233,00.html

it was a good kill, who cares. 01.Apr.2003 14:52


it was a good kill. they don't stop, they get killed.

shoot and ask questions later.

better them than one of us.

its too bad that children have to die in war, but we didn't start this, saddam did in 1991, and this is the just the final battle of that war.

df ... is that short for dumb fuck? 01.Apr.2003 14:59



Humanity? 01.Apr.2003 15:12

shocked and awed

My god, will you re-read what you wrote? If you want to make rationalizations, you could at least acknowledge the tragedy of the situation. Have we become so brainwashed that we believe there's such thing as a "good kill"? I'm sickened.

shut up 01.Apr.2003 15:20

salmon girlz

close your head

actually 01.Apr.2003 16:00


Actually, the US started the first Gulf War, in case you're not aware. It was the US that told Hussein to go ahead and invade Kuwait because "we have no opinion on your Arab-Arab conflicts, such as your dispute with Kuwait". That will teach him to trust the United States. Oh well, I guess if he had read his history a little closer maybe he would have known better. Read any story regarding Iraq and Kuwait from 89-90 and the US official policy and you'll see what I mean. Just look up "April Glaspie" who was the US ambassador to Iraq in 1990:




And.. 01.Apr.2003 16:13


there is currently a GREAT 30-PART, WEEK-BY-WEEK account of the Gulf War I including April Glaspie's green light on


I cannot recommend this site and it's voluminous contents enough. Check it out.

WAKE UP AMERICA 01.Apr.2003 16:23


it's time for america to wake up and smell the towers buring. have you forgotten the innocent people who have died here in america because of terrorist attacks. i don't like war either but better there then here. here are some things to remember and then tell me if we weren't patient and not quick to jump.
1. 1979 iranian students attacked and seized the american embassy in tehran.
2. 1983 a vehicle packed with high explosives was driver into the us embassy in beirut-63 people killed.
3. 6 months later a large truck laden down with over 2500 pounds of tnt smashed through the main gate of us marine corps headquarters in beirut- 241 servicemen killed.
4. 2 months later another truck with explosives was driven into the us embassy in kuwait.
5. 1984 another van was driven into the gates of the us embassy in beirut.
6. 1985 a bomb explodes in a restaurant frequented by us soldiers in mardrid.
7. 4 months later a volkswagon loaded with explosives driven into the us air force base at rhein-main-22 killed.
8. 59 days later a cruise ship was hijacked and a single american in a wheelchair was singled out from the passenger list and executed.
i can list 7 more enteries which killed a total of 700 and injured over the 1000's and that is not including sept. 11.
now tell me were any of those americans killed from your family...i didn't think so. i became a citizen from europe in 75 and proud of it. i think if the war came to the u.s. i think you guys would have yellow stripes down your back.
if you don't like the freedom here...move to iraq and s u

why? 01.Apr.2003 17:09


How come the latest generation of trolls can't even think of interesting nicknames, just initials? Most of them can't write either although that doesn't much matter since they haven't anything other than gradeskool comments to make-neener, neener, you're a: 1)coward, 2)traitor, 3)terrorist, 4) future gay jailbird, 5)dirty hippy. Oh, yes, and they are required by law to mention the WTC bombing. Maybe those with any intelligence really did enlist or change their minds/occupations?

you know what they say about assumptions 01.Apr.2003 17:58



Yes. Do you think that everyone who lost family members on 9/11 is for the war? You're not really that naive, are you? Some of us realize that the attacking the rest of the world, especially in the face of international opposition, is the fastest way of creating more terrorists and more terrorist attacks. Most of the time, if someone has to learn something the hard way I let them do it, but in this case, the desire to learn this lesson the hard way will cost many lives so why not just accept that you cannot defeat terrorism by bombing countries (especially by bombing countries that had nothing to do with 9/11).

To JMD 01.Apr.2003 18:02


As usual, any reason as to why people dislike the US slips down the memory hole and becomes some nebulous abstract hatred (ie hate our freedom, wealth etc.), rather than connected to real world events and U.S. foreign policy abroad. Rather, we are continually spoon-fed the assertion that the United States somehow can do no wrong, that we have a heavenly-ordained mandate to reshape the world for "good" and that those who stand in our way (Iraq, Iran, the French, anyone left of Tom Daschle) is a terrorist and in league with Satan. Thankfully, history exists to clarify the lies of rabid rightwing nutjobs, or more recently, the corporate media. None of these acts can be completely justified, nor do any really make sense in the larger context of American brutality abroad (some make no sense at all), I merely provide this list as the whole story rather than the random caps-locked ravings of protofascist.

1. Iranian Students Seize U.S. Embassy

In 1979, Iranian students seized the US embassy in Tehran in response to news that the US had admitted the Shah for medical treatment. This was the rather absurd match that touched off the firestorm, though relations had been deteriorating ever since the Islamicists had overthrown the Shah and declared an Islamic republic. The U.S. had a long history of supporting the Shah and had helped him overthrow the democratically elected leader of Iran, Mossadegh, in 1953 when he dared to nationalize the oil industry. US agencies such as the CIA, FBI and military intelligence have been implicated in the training of the Shah's brutal political police, the SAVAK. But hey, it sure stopped the commies. Ayatollah Khomeini continued this trend after consolidating his revolution, annihilating the left-wing forces who had helped to overthrow the Shah.

2. 1983 Embassy Bombing, Beirut

Carried out April 18, 1983, claimed to be the work of Islamic Jihad (not related to the Palestinian group of the same name). 63 persons were killed; 17 were Americans, including the entire Lebanon office of the CIA. The US had intervened in 1958 with 10,000 troops to uphold the regime of Chamoun, a Lebanese Christian, who had only a passing interest in the rights of Muslims and other ethnic minorities. In 1982, Americans were originally inserted into Lebanon to help oversee the safety of Palestinian refugees, following the 1982 massacre of Palestinians by Lebanese phalangist militias, under the watchful eye of the Israeli army. Originally, the US, with their allies the French (what?) meant to merely preserve the rickety peace in the war-torn capital. Unfortunately, the US became mixed up in the internal politics of an extremely volatile situation, supporting Bashir Gemayel and his Phalange Christian Party. Elements of this party were deemed responsible for the massacre of the aforementioned Palestinians. Gemayel did not last long and was assassinated by Syrian agents a few weeks after his inauguration as president in a highly suspect poll. By this time the US had become damned by association with the Phalange, who had the pleasant activity of shelling largely Muslim East Beirut at every opportunity and with little thought for accuracy. Accusations were also levelled against the US that the CIA was working with Mossad to assassinate senior figures amongst the Islamic groups fighting Israel and the Phalangists.

3. Marine Barracks Bombing, Beirut, October 23, 1983

See above. 241 marines were killed when the structure pancaked on top of them, after the result of a tremendously powerful truck bomb sent by Islamic Jihad. Simultaneously, a 400 pound bomb was driven into the French base in Beirut, killing 58 members of the French unit stationed along with the Americans to keep peace.

4. Bombing, US Embassy, Kuwait, December 12, 1983

See above. Car bomb hits US embassy in Kuwait, 4 killed, 62 injured. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.

5. US Embassy Bombing Beirut, September 20, 1984

See above. The US embassy annex in East Beirut was bombed, killing 8 Americans and 12 others by Islamic Jihad. By this time, most US forces had left Lebanon, following the bombing of the Marine Barracks the previous year.

6. Madrid Bombing, 1985

See above. Restaurant popular with American servicemen based in Spain. 18 Spainiards killed, 85 wounder, including 15 Americans. Once again thought to be the work of Islamic Jihad, though the Basque seperatist ETA also claimed responsibility.

7. Rhein-Main Airbase, Germany, August 8, 1985

Bombing claimed jointly by left terrorist organizations Red Army Faction (Germany) and Action Directe (France). Attack generally believed to be in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle, and an assault on US military presence in Germany. Also an attack on NATO (Rhein-Main major NATO base) and an attack on the government of West Germnay.

8. Achille Lauro Hijacking, October 7, 1985

The cruise ship the Achille Lauro is hijacked by members of the Palestinian Liberation Front, associated with the PLO. In the course of the hijacking, Leon Klinghoffer is murdered and his body thrown overboard. Reasons for his murder vary from he was causing trouble (unlikely as he was wheelchair bound), to that he was a Jew (more likely). Eventually, the whole thing was negotiated with help from Abu Abbas (soon to be PA prime minister), and the men responsible ended up in Italy, forced down by US jets, and tried for murder and imprisoned. Abbas was tried in absentia for some unknown reason, and sentenced to life in prison. He was eventually allowed to return to the West Bank in 1996 under Oslo.

GOT WELLSTONE? 01.Apr.2003 19:44


RAYTHEON owned the jet paul and his mate were murdered in.

Ross Perot and Poppy Bush in debate 01.Apr.2003 22:46