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Police raid supermarkets for drug paraphenelia

In a joint effort between the DEA and the Portland Police, local retailers are raided for makeshift drug paraphenelia.
Citing the recent successes of Operation Pipe Dreams, an effort by the federal government to curtail the avaliability of drug paraphenelia, has launched into it's second stage Tuesday, as DEA agents accompanied by Portland police, raided supermarkets and confiscated their stock of canned soft drinks and beer, the cans which could potentially be used to smoke marijuana.

The latest phase of the campaign, let by US Attorney general John Ashcroft, was designed to send a clear message to would-be MacGyvers who seek to find alternative methods of drug use in the absence of traditional paraphenelia. Aluminum beverage containers of all sorts were removed from the shelves of many retailers Tuesday morning,

This operation was performed by federal agents, accompanied by the Portland Police. The department will receive federal monies for their role. "This will certainly offset some of the added costs of overtime, riot gear and pepperspray due to recent protests" said police spokesman Sgt. Brian Schmautz "Of course we wouldn't undertake such an endeavor if we didn't feel it was a noble cause"

At one Southeast Portland Fred Meyer store, Portland police in riot gear, apparently restless from several days of relatively light anti-war protest activity, smashed cans of soda with their clubs in a scene reminiscent of prohibition-era newsreels of speakeasy raids. When the assistant grocery manager asked one of the police what was going on he was quickly pepper sprayed, cuffed and arrested, and now faces several Measure 11 charges.

"Many people might consider such tactics heavy handed and unneccesary" said Ashcroft in a Tuesday news conference "But statistics show that 47% of youths using marijuana for the first time did so through an aluminum beverage container, and if we can root out the problem, we can win the war on drugs"

Unlike head shops selling products made exclusively retailers were not charged for the contraband, and in some cases, will be reimbursed for the confiscated product. "The objective is not to punish" said Schmautz. He added that retailers who continue to stock canned beverages are subject to fines.

Local beverage distributors are scrambling to replace the canned product with oil-based plastic containers that cannot be fashioned into drug paraphenelia. A spokesperson for Pepsi bottling company says it could take several days to a week to replenish store shelves

Although there was the predictable outrage by civil liberitarians, most Portland residents took the measures in stride. "I came here to pick up some 12 packs of Dr. Skipper" said housewife Lynn Butler, 43, as she shopped at a Safeway store in outer east Portland. "But at least now, I can let my kids go to the store and know they aren't going to the store to buy a can of pop and smoke pot out of it. God bless John Ashcroft for keeping our children safe."
Whats next 01.Apr.2003 15:47

saint john

Yes, actions like this are necessary to put an end to the marajuana scourge.
It has come to my attention that these desparate criminals have now begun the practice of tearing pages out of the bible to be used as......ROLLING PAPERS.

Onward christian soldiers.....

unjust 01.Apr.2003 16:23

tom schwartz tomloveskurt@nirvanaweb.com

i think that this is total bullshit... you cant get rid of all aluminum popcans just because some kid could possibly maby smoke some weed out of it. personaly i smoke marijuana, and if i want to make a smokign apparatus for myself i would use a plactic bottle and make it into a bong, why dont they take those off of the shelfs too? along with any other type of cylinder that i could poke a hole into and make into a pipe?
i personaly think that this is taking the "war on drugs" a lot too far. asfar as the tearing pages out of the bible to smoke with, why dont they get rid of all books too, including your precious bible.
the gov't needs to realize that they can never get rid of all drug use, no matter what. it would be much more on the wise side to legalize it, keep track of it, and tax it.
look at amsterdam, they have a very large number of drugs legalized and they have very low addiction amongst their population.
so i thinkt hat this whole situation is out of hand, and needs to be stopped. i would encourage you to fight against this bullshit.
i never want to be called a radical ever again, look at what these peopel are doing.

uh, why don't you lay off the grass dude... 01.Apr.2003 16:56


You do realize what today's date is, don't you Tom???

Fool on the Hill 01.Apr.2003 16:58

April Showers

I love the first day of April.

RE: unjust 01.Apr.2003 17:03


It IS April 1st.... Now breathe....

Go for the ganja 01.Apr.2003 22:41


I first smoked the ganja in 1969 and still haven't exhaled!!!


Damn... 02.Apr.2003 01:55


The date...dear god, if it were another day I'd be really excited at the changes taking place! I almost thought we had really slipped into fascism!

this is bullshit, but funny 10.Jan.2004 23:55

the piecemaker

Hey, What the fuck is this? I just found this article and it's complete bullshit about kids making a piece out of a can. Guess what... My first piece was made out of tin foil. What's the DEA going to do next say it's illegal and morally wrong to own foil, wood, glass bottles, bamboo shoots, (which make awesome chillums, by the way.) and other harmless and useful things. Imagine a world without books or any kind of paper, even your fucking bible. Yeah, that WOULD suck. Now imagine a world without anything you can use to smoke with. now you don't have a god damn thing. Hell, you don't even need anything to smoke with. just grab a nug by the stem, light the nug and inhale the smoke. It works, i've done it in the bathroom at my school. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

WHAT ?????????????????? You're kidding right 06.Sep.2004 15:37

Glassblower 5000

Please do all you can to stop our NAZI goverment from taking away more of our freedoms. This is INSANE John Ashcroft needs to be Prosecuted to the fullest extent of the LAW. Along with any other EVIL people that had a hand in this ACT OF WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Speaking of OPERATION PIPE DREAMS in general 06.Sep.2004 15:46

Glassblower 5000

HHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA that is funny as well as the next probable step. But seriously I make pipes for a living and help my Mom with that money if glass pipe sales were shut down it would be like NAZI GERMANY. I would very much like to see JOHN ASHCROFT JAILED FOR THIS BULLSHIT