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2nd viewing of videos of resistance?????

2nd screening?
so i went to see the "videos of the resistance" movies monday night @ its a beautiful pizza and was really disapointed that there was no room left to see the movie. there were just too many people.

can there be a secind viewing at its a beautiful pizza? this would be great because alot of people didnt get to see the movie because it was too crowded.

2nd VIEWING PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Another show 01.Apr.2003 14:16


So happy people are so interested in hearing the real stories! There will be another showing tomorrow night on NE Alberta St. I think it's at the Know, around 26th and Alberta, but not sure...check the indy front page. There are also two other shows this month that I know of. One at Reed and another at Lewis and Clark.

(Maybe we can get them to turn the lights off!)