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Call-out for video tape of recent anti-war actions!

Call-out for video from the streets during the past 2 weeks of anti-war actions
The pdx indy video collective is looking for video footage from Friday the 21st - current. Any tape from Belmont March, Critical Mass this past Friday, Peace Camp, The radical feeder march, PPRC march etc. Any of the other anti-war actions taking place around the city.

Whether digital, analog, hi-8, vhs-c etc, we would like to capture such footage to edit and produce videos to show and distribute around portland. If you have digital, then digital copies are preferred.

Please email to make arrangements:  Videoresistance@ziplip.com

All tapes returned


please have a 2nd viewing at "its a beautiful pizza" that took place on monday night.

there were too many people there and alot of people didnt get to see the movie. it looked great from the street, but thats no way to watch a movie!

please have a 2nd viewing again!


To Chainsaw 01.Apr.2003 14:21


Come to the know on NE Alberta tomorrow night! And come early...just in case. See the stories the corporate media won't tell you.