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PPRC Sponsored Protest Against the Patriot Act

Portland, Ore...Ursula K Le Guin, author of the "Left Hand of Darkness", RV Branham, editor of the new Portland literary magazine "Gobshite Quarterly", Eileen Gunn, Hugo nominated author of the science fiction story "Computer Friendly", and many others will gather at SW Park and Salmon, at one o'clock on Saturday, April 12th, for a Portland Peaceful Response Coalition (PPRC) sponsored protest against the USA Patriot Act.
PPRC Sponsored Protest Against the Patriot Act
PPRC Sponsored Protest Against the Patriot Act
The event will focus on the new FBI presence in public libraries and on free speech. It will include a brief stop at the Central Library downtown, where a list of 'subversive books' like the Koran, the Anarchist Cookbook, and other banned or censored titles will be checked out en masse.

"It will be a symbolic protest against the Patriot Act, not a protest against the library. We'll be coming to protect the library, to protect the very notion of free inquiry and free speech. We will be very quiet and polite when we are inside checking out 'Das Kapital,'" Douglas Lain, a PPRC organizer, explained.

The protesters also hope to make the connection between the war on Iraq and the attack on civil liberties at home, pointing to how the climate of fear and uncertainty around war creates a pretext for the dismantling of basic rights.

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