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Sen. Minnis Attacks Civil Rights

Commentary on SB 742 by State Senator Minnis (R-Wood Village)which would make 'terrorism' a crime punishable by life imprisonment.
I believe that we all want our military personnel to come back home safely. We may disagree as to the 'route' by which these folks will come home - before or after a lot of killing in Iraq, but we all want them home.

What kind of home will our brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers come home to? Here in Oregon, if State Senator Minnis has his way, the returnees will find many of their families in prison for LIFE. Senator Minnis is the author of a bill, SB 742,now in the Legislature which would, in the words of the Oregon ACLU, "... creates the crime of "terrorism" and defines it so broadly that individuals would be subject to life in prison if any other participant intended to disrupt commerce, transportation, educational, or governmental institutions (such as, strikes, protests, student food fights)."

What kind of representative would write a bill that so blatantly attacks the State Constitution and US Constitution? Is this not a country with a long, honorable history of citizens using civil disobedience? Viet Nam war protests, Civil Rights Marches in the South, and even our own Revolutionary War have involved the use of civil disobedience - remember the Boston Tea Party?

Senator Minnis is a menace to the freedoms of the people of Oregon. If he has a shred of honor or integrity, he would not only withdraw this monstrosity, but would also immediately resign from his elected office. Leaving the state wouldn't be frowned upon, either!

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address: address: 529 SE Kane Drive, Gresham, Oregon 97080-1626

Oh my god - DISRUPTION!!! 01.Apr.2003 17:07

Good Little Boy

The Minnis bill makes disruption a crime. I hope my kids don't talk out of order in class. They would be disrupting the educational system and could spend life in prison.

I see three options: Minnis is either certifiably insane, dumb as a dirt clod, or as anti-American as you can get. In any case he's not fit to represent his dirty socks, let alone the good people of Fairview, Oregon.