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Intel employee, US citizen Mike Hawash detained without due process

A US Citizen was arrested in Hillsboro on March 20, 2003 under a secret warrant. He is being held in solitary confinement as a material witness, although he has not been interrogated or charged with any crime.
This was e-mailed to me this morning:

In an open letter to senator Ron Wyden (D-OR), Intel SVP Steven McGeady writes:

On Thursday morning, March 20, a long-time employee of mine, Mike (Maher) Hawash, was arrested outside Intel's Hillsboro offices and taken into custody by the FBI and members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force. We later learned he was being "detained" as a material witness. Simultaneously, FBI agents in bulletproof vests and carrying M-16s woke Mike's wife and three children in their Hillsboro home, searched it for four hours, and presented Mrs. Hawash with a grand jury subpoena.

All of the court documents in this case are sealed. Mike was held incommunicado from his wife and attorneys for several days. When they did contact him, neither he, his attorneys, nor anyone else knows why he is being detained. Mike is a long-time U.S. citizen, originally of Palestinian birth and previously of Jordanian nationality. He has been a U.S. citizen for many years, having attended college in Texas. He worked for me at Intel on and off for 10 years. (...)

The only thing anyone can think of is that, long before 9/11/01, Mike and his wife donated to Global Relief, a once-respected international aid organization that since October 2002 has fallen into disrepute. But there is no way Mike could have known this at this time. My wife is a recently-naturalized U.S. citizen, originally from Northern Ireland, another victim of terrorism. If our donations to Northern Irish aid were to be mis-directed, without our knowledge, would I have FBI agents kicking down my door? Would my wife be put into federal prison?

See www.freemikehawash.org for more information.

homepage: homepage: http://www.freemikehawash.org

they must have there reasons. 01.Apr.2003 12:46


I'm sure they have there reasons.

oh, they have reasons... 01.Apr.2003 13:20


Of course, the nazis had reasons for killing jews... and many germans believed them...

maybe he was anti-nazi 01.Apr.2003 13:23

maybe he was anti-nazi

maybe he was anti-nazi

fucking outrageous 01.Apr.2003 16:58


I say we storm the fucking prison and demand his
release. Whether or not they have "there" [their]
reasons is immaterial.
This is outrageous.

idiots, listen up 01.Apr.2003 17:30

Ally McBeal

Being arrested as a material witness means that your presence is needed for testimony on a crime you may know something about.

wow, are you a lawyer, Ally? 01.Apr.2003 17:58


or do you just play one on tv?

Material witness 01.Apr.2003 20:15


I am a lawyer. Since 9/11, the FBI has periodically detained people as material witnesses, when the FBI does not really have a basis for the arrest. If a person is really being held as a material witness, the person has a right to an attorney and a right to know the basis for the arrest, i.e. what crime they are talking about.
The Patriot Act has permitted the arrests of people, based on mere possibility of criminal behavior. This means that if the FBI decides that YOU might be thinking about committing a crime that they can ;link in some preposterous way to national security, YOU will be arrested.
The arrests are but one more example of the creeping (or maybe it's actually galloping) fascism that we are experiencing in our country.

Many Faces of Fascism 02.Apr.2003 02:03


There are many faces of Fascism...

Hitler and the Nazis were one with a racial bite, Mussolini was a crazy economist who hungered for power, and Bush is just an idiot who wants to pay off his friends. They're all fascists but greatly different in many respects.

Keep in mind that both the Neo-Nazis in this country and various Mussolini-oriented groups like the United Fascist Union (UFU) are anti-war and anti-Bush. Not all fascists are alike. Many UFUers absolutely hate Hitler as do the Falangists. Fundamentalist Christians often hate both Hitler and Mussolini while practicing their own form of theofascism. I don't know where Bush falls in the mix.

thought crime 02.Apr.2003 22:24

jane doe

"the FBI decides that YOU might be thinking about committing a crime"

Welcome to 1984...

Of the United Fascist Union 26.Jul.2003 12:10

Mr. J. Grimes joanne_parker20@hotmail.com

Sometimes while surfing the net, looking for things on the UFU, that Heather Goldsmith and I intend to archive, we acually find something about the United Fascist Union, we ourselves would like to comment on or correct. I'm glad to see some people know we are not Nazi's, we're sorry some of you think Benito Mussolini was a "crazy, power mad economist", we think he was an ECONOMIC GENIUS and "USING CORPORATE STATISM AS A TOOL, WE CAN BREAK THE BACK OF THE RULING CAPITALIST ELITE, thusly CREATING AN ECONOMIC SYSTEM THAT COULD BRIDGE THE GULF BETWEEN THE CLASSES, LEADING TO A REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH IN AMERICA. I really hate that diseased "maggot" Bush, what do you expect "SADDAM HUSSEIN" was my greatest living idol, until that ratface goon murdered him, "SO HE COULD REPLACE PRESIDENT HUSSEIN WITH A WESTERN PUPPET & STEAL THE OIL FROM THE IRAQI PEOPLE. VOTE FASCIST 2004!!!!  http://www.ufu.gq.nu/ UNITED FASCIST UNION: POB 5214;Wilkes-Barre, Penn. 18710

POB 5214:Wilkes-Barre, Penn. 18710

AUGUST 6 - HE PLEADS GUILTY! 18.Aug.2003 13:21


All you ranters and ravers. WRONG. The man is guilty. He has copped a plea to avoid further prosecution. All your conspiracy theories and "NAZI AMERICA!!" gibberish is, indeed, just that. Gibberish. Please feel free to vote in Florida.