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US ... exporter of arms & chemical weapons to Iraq
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rummy/saddam posting # 10,000,334 01.Apr.2003 12:46


for those who have missed it.

our trolls insist on showing you this photo for the 10,000,334 time to convince you of something that rumsfeld has already admitted to.

now rummy is cleaning up the mess he made and the trolls hate him for it..

no... 01.Apr.2003 13:53


no... rumsfield isn't "cleaning" up his mess - he is continuing it.

quick...before they find out 02.Apr.2003 01:17


think there's some smoking gun(s) in Iraq that are pointed in some other direction? rumsfeld wants to get hands on incriminating files and didn't want inspectors coming up with something embarassing to the US regime for all the world to see? if it's not for oil (we sure as hell know that the selections that pass by like a rotating smorgasboard every day for "why we're there"--bringing democracy, regime change, finding wmd, looking for bin laden,etc--are so much Fleischer gas) then for what? is it a page from the bush family face saving manual: send an invasion force into panama, blow urban areas and civilians to smithereens to corner a CIA renegade that might have something embarassing on the old man, catch him, and put him in solitary in ....florida! maybe there are files that sadam is holding for ransom that show where the potential for wmd in Iraq actually came from!