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Peace Yoga?

Of course, yoga is peace but that's getting a head of ourselves....
I'd like to offer free yoga classes to anyone out there, especially to those who are out on the streets or affected by the many wars around us and can't make it to a studio or gym. I believe that this kind of body work can be helpful in learning to pay attention to oneself, which seems to be the first step towards "... being the change you would like to see in the world." If you're not ready for that but just need to work out kinks and stress in the body then that's fine too - whatever I can offer to help.

If we can get a group together for Saturdays - that would be awesome! Especially, if someone can donate space.


Generous offer 01.Apr.2003 16:14


What a sweet gesture Andy. I've seen a lot of community building around the peace movement - one of the positive sides of this mess I guess. This and the idea of support groups is important -- I know I'm getting stressed out, having trouble sleeping; been living, breathing and eating the mess that is our world. I think whatever we can do to support each other and nurture ourselves is soooo important; burnout is a very common side effect.

I don't have any ideas for space -- maybe contact one of the local yoga studios, they may be willing to donate space for the cause. Try the Sanctuary on Corbett?