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Confused New Yorker Kills "Arab" Grocers

No War but....
New Yorker admits to revenge killings of four Arab grocers after Sept 11
Mon Mar 31, 5:47 PM ET Add U.S. National - AFP to My Yahoo!

NEW YORK (AFP) - A 30-year-old New Yorker has admitted to the cold-blooded killings of four grocers he perceived to be of Middle Eastern origin in revenge for the 2001 terror attacks on the city, police sources said.

Larme Price "has told detectives he had been disturbed by the terror attacks of September 11 and wanted to hurt people of Middle East descent," New York police chief Raymond Kelly told a press conference.

Price had appeared voluntarily at a police station Friday and offered to help detectives with their investigations, but officers arrested him after they recognized his appearance and the hat he was wearing from closed-circuit TV footage.

Price told detectives that he had gone into the grocers' stores and hearing the employees speaking in what he assumed to be Arabic, he assumed they were talking about him.

The weapon from the last murder on March 20 was found at Price's home, Kelly added.

The murders, which took place over a period of six weeks and were attributed by the police to a serial killer, caused panic amongst small shopkeepers in the Queens and Brooklyn neighbourhoods of New York.

In reality, only Price's fourth victim actually came from the Middle East. His first three victims were from Guyana, India and Ukraine.