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FTAA(miami) anti-capitalist consulta

resist the ftaa!!!
----------PLEASE FORWARD WIDELY----------

Resist the Free Trade Area of the Americas

Anti-capitalist consulta: May 17-18

This is a call for an anti-capitalist coordinating/planning meeting to begin preparations for actions against the FTAA ministerial meeting being held in Miami, Florida on November 20-22, 2003. We hope that this consulta will be an opportunity to build a broad based, diverse anti-capitalist response to the ministerial. Within the framework of creative militant action we hope to create new models of resistance that strengthen and revitalize our anti-capitalist/anti-authoritarian community.

Who? Representatives of affinity groups, student groups, community organizations, radical labor organizations, collectives and all others opposed to capitalism and the FTAA.

Where? Louisville, Kentucky.

When? Saturday May 17 and Sunday May 18 (with arrivals and introductions on Friday, May 16)

Housing/childcare/space: We will be providing housing and will try our hardest to get a place for everyone to sleep. However, space is limited. The earlier you register, the more likely it is that you will get housing. Childcare will also be provided. Also due to the space restriction, we are asking that groups send the smallest number of representatives possible to the consulta.

REGISTER AT:  ftaaconsulta@yahoo.com

To attend the consulta, all groups are required to register. Upon registration you will receive housing, directions to the consulta space and updates if needed. Please let us know what group you are from, the number of people in your group and if you 1) don't mind camping out. 2) want housing in a smoke free or alcohol free location 3) need childcare 4) or any other special needs. We will try to accommodate everyone.

-the enrag'es collective anti-ftaa organizing troupe


(For now we are adopting the statement of principals created by CASA for the 2001 Summit of the Americas protests in Quebec City. If desired, time will be schedule during the consulta to draft a new statement of principles.)


In opposition to the growing tentacles of capitalist globalization, the Summit of the Americas Welcoming Committee (CASA) aims to create an anti-capitalist platform for discussion and action. No matter what form it has taken in history (liberal, statist, mercantile, neo-liberal, or even "with a human face") capitalism has always been about the domination of commodities over individuals. Following the logic of profits, the capitalist system monopolizes all social space, reducing human beings to simply producers/consumers, much like the environment becomes only a multitude of resources ready for exploitation.

-- Anti-Patriarchy

From its origins, the capitalist system was founded on patriarchal domination. Social relationships have been interwoven by this centuries-old ideology that affects all aspects of our lives. This ideological system creates a global system of masculine-based tyranny. When even the existence of the ideology and practice of feminism is more and more put into question, we reaffirm that only a full understanding of structural oppression will allow us to envisage a society that is radically equal.

-- Refusal of Hierarchy

It's clear that that such a project, radically equal, can only come about in the absence of hierarchical dynamics. We don't just denounce all forms of servitude and exploitation of individuals, groups and peoples, but we believe in putting into practice this basic principle within resistance groups themselves and in our day-to-day activities. Hence, CASA offers a radical opposition to the Summit of the Americas and similar processes by organizing in an anti-authoritarian manner. Bringing together individuals, the Welcoming Committee is structured around a democratic, open and decisional general assembly. Anyone in accord with the values and principles of CASA are urged to actively participate in accord with their respective affinities.

-- Autonomy

Aiming to create as many links as possible, with the goal of strengthening networks of resistance, CASA is autonomous of all forms of authority (parties, unions, etc.). We refuse to organize our actions in view of its eventual mass media impact, which we consider to be a form of disempowerment and subjection.

-- Non-reformist

It is within the perspective of a radical transformation of society that CASA adopts a confrontational attitude and rejects reformist alternatives such as lobbying within the framework of negotiations of free trade accords. We regard these strategies as not being able to have a positive impact, and we exclude use of these types of anti-democratic processes.

-- Diversity of Tactics

Respecting a diversity of tactics, CASA supports the use of a variety of creative initiatives, ranging from popular education to direct action.