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Protest Fox News April 3rd

How about a solidarity protest in Portland against FOX news on April 3rd?
Protest Fox News Channel's War Coverage
Thursday, April 3rd 2003 12 Noon
Washington, DC


Fox News Channel is the most pro-war television station in the United States. While claiming to be "fair and balanced", Fox actually makes no attempt to be either one. Rather than reporting the news, Fox cheerleads for the Pentagon. Rather than reporting the reality of the war in Iraq, Fox glorifies the warriors and underplays the human cost of war.

Fox has also aggressively attacked the peace movement. In just the last few days, Fox's Bill O'Reilly proposed that anti-war protesters be arrested as terrorists, and Fox made fun of peace activists as they staged a die-in in New York City. This is not journalism, it is propaganda.


Join Global Exchange, CodePink, and Media Alliance in organizing protests outside of Fox affiliates throughout the country. Insist that Fox report the reality of war, including information and in-depth stories about civilian and military casualties. Also insist that Fox News Channel balance its coverage by interviewing people who oppose the U.S. war policy.

Tell us about your actions by calling 415-575-5555 or emailing  peace@globalexchange.org.

Washington, DC Protest: Thursday, Noon, 400 North Capitol, NE
San Francisco Protest:: Thursday, Noon, 901 Battery Street (at Vallejo)

400 North Capitol, NE Washington DC

Global Exchange

homepage: homepage: http://unitedforpeace.org/calendar.php?calid=4285

way to protest 01.Apr.2003 09:30

Ben Maras

go here  http://www.kbiz.ca/wartools/

its a online protest program called WarTools that works by automoatically sending repeated searches for "peace anti-war" to any given website (Fox News is one of the ones automoatically listed), working as an online sit-in or picket. It can be downloaded in a SMALL .zip file, or run directly from the website (although running it from your own computer is much better, because it does not rape the central server and allows for better usage). It is a simple IE window that can be left open for any amount of time. I left it open for a few hours while I was gone, and when I got back it had hit the website over 9,500 times. Everyone should take part in this as well as their regular offline actions.


Better yet 01.Apr.2003 09:35


We could do the same to this site.

beaverton 01.Apr.2003 09:58

walk there?

This would be great, but Fox headquarters are way the hell out in Beaverton. Does anyone know if the Fox Tower Cinemas (or Fox Tower itself) are part of Fox TV? Or is the name just the same? It might be nice to shut down the theatre.

Ooh, theater 01.Apr.2003 11:28

La Vierge rouge

Yeah, if Fox tower 10 is part if Fox News, we could make our own "Theater" to replace the shows there. The people going to see the movies would still be entertained, but not by hollywood. Hey that might be a good idea anyway.