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Time to die!

russian anti-tank units let burst Abrams tanks like balloons!
Time to die!
Time to die!
We are coming with overwhelming power and give you a new life - in the Kingdom of Heaven. We give you food and medicine we have hold back since 12 years. Will not stop till the ultimate victory - and your nation is completely destroyed. (The right hand of God Bush at 31.3.03)

In one and a half days 43 British and US soldiers were killed.
Nothing to gorge, insufficient water and no diesel fuel
Cruise missiles misfire by GPS-Jammer
One third of tomahawk missiles gone without effect
Four Apache helicopters and two predator drones downed.
13 tanks, 8 troop-carries and 6 armored vehicles destroyed.

The newest russian anti-tank units let burst Abrams tanks like balloons!

The egomaniacal left hand of God Rumsfeld led you to an dead-end street and in the face of his collapse he cover all over Bagdad with a carpet of 3000 bombs in 72 hours. He has failed, will bring you the death and immeasurable dolor in the cities.
With any bomb you create death, desperation and endless hate in this country.
By the siege of cities you are hence not more liberators but butcher and the people will will drop like flies.
You create hundreds of new Bin Ladin's by your massacre and America will bitter pay for it.

You have yet lost the war !

Because this sweated people will not rest as long as the last british and american soldier is killed or has leaved their home land no matter if Hussein is dead or not. They are fighting for their own home land and no longer for Hussein.

And in your fear you slay women and kids, it will not be forgotten - never!

homepage: homepage: http://www.strike-free.net

how many died in the night club fire? 01.Apr.2003 08:34


hey, how many americans died in that night club fire? 100 wasn't it?

those were really meaninful deaths.

I died listening to a head banger hair band.

when we hit 100 KIA in iraq, come talk to me..

"We" already have 01.Apr.2003 15:10


I can't remeber the source but I saw a detailed account of how many died and where they died, and as of Monday it was 151.