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imperialism & war

Blood for oil? The odds are against it.

Blood for oil? The odds are against it.
Lets examine the conflicts the US has been in since WWII.

Korea - Where is the vast wealth from this country? No Oil, Coal, gold, diamonds, etc.
Just Kim Chi.

Cuba - Well, nothing there really, except sugar and cigars.

Vietnam - Now this is a natural resources paradise isn't it? Why the Vietnamese are swimming in oil huh?

Dominican Republic- Oil, no? I guess we went to war with them for Cigars.

Grenada - Oil? Only Palm Oil. I guess we invaded it for Rum.

Panama - Oil? What vast wealth does this country have?

Kuwait - Eureka! We struck OIL! Yes we went to Kuwait to keep a crazed dictator from possessing over 50% of the worlds oil supplies (I'm including Saudi Arabia, because it was next on the list, if we did nothing). However We gave it back to the Kuwaitis. Wow. How about that.

Somalia - Now in this kingdom, the streets are lined with gold. (I mean shit) sorry, nothing here.

Haiti - yes, another rich country just using its wealth to wipe its ass with. The Haitians are just lighting their Dominican Cigars with hundred dollar bills aren't they.

Bosnia - Yet another treasure of natural resources here. Yeah, we can all retire from what we stole from the Bosnians

Kosovo - This place makes Haiti look rich. Yes, we are just sucking there poor little skulls dry.

Afghanistan - Yes, another rich country just waiting for the greedy US to come in and rob them of there, ummm. What is it they have again? Oh, yes. ... Sand!

Iraq - God Damn. Lighting must have struck twice, Eureka! How long do you think it will be before we give it back to the Iraqis? I say 6 months.
Makes no sense 01.Apr.2003 08:27


The assumption is that reason for war must always be the same. Obviously this is not true. Very weak logic.

Compelled to Respond 01.Apr.2003 08:47


largest oil reserves left are in Northern Iraq. That is the reason for the bombing over the past decade of that area-- so no new construction could happen to tap into the purest, finest grade, largest oil field left in the world... Pipeline through Afghanistan and/or Iraq has been planned for decades. Oil is running out.

The others you mention, some defied the US imperialist encroachment into their economic base, often oil-related-- Cuba nationalized the oil fields after Castro's socialist revolution. As did Saddam in the early '80's... both these countries removed control from US corporations. Pissed the US off. The US corporations would love to do business with Cuba. It is now a matter of principle. Not economic cense

Panama is a thoroughfare to transport goods and drugs that support our military involvements.

Dominican Republic and El Salvadore-- too democratically socialist and objected to imperialist policies, San Salvadore riots and the current Medical Provider's strike for the past many months shows that privatization of health care after their other systems have been privatized is still being opposed. Costa Rica is also resisting imperialism as is Ecuador ... we'll see what happens with these resistors..

One war you left out-- Columbia... decades of our imperialist policies for the mineral and oil rich nation... A recent interview with an american soldier -- he claimed our forces are very useful there, he feels proud to be defending US corporate interests by doing his job defending the pipeline down there. 17 million is being requested for more aid to Columbia

And you forgot to mention the US backed coup of Venezualan twice democratically elected president -- voted in by the overwhelming majority -- Hugo Chavez... Venezuela is the 7th largest oil producer to the States... He chose to use the profits from oil to rebuild houses and sanitation systems rather than pay the tithes to the oil corporations and there was a failed coup attempt...

We are not a democracy, and we would rather deal with dictators. Argentina is a prime example. There is presently an inquiry by the gov't archivist dep't into Kissinger's role in the '70's of the brutal murders of dissidents of that regime. Read your history.

Go to www.Left-Turn.org

Learn to be a critical thinker. The dumbing down of Americans doesn't have to succeed. We CAN remember how to use our brains. Turn off your t.v. For GODS sake!

really bad 01.Apr.2003 10:18


"Saddam's widow" has presented the worst, most dumbed down version of US foreign policy I have ever read. It is definitely geared for the Freeper types.

Also, the morons don't explain why the US Guv did invade or attack these countries. Most Americans don't know that we invaded the Dominican Republic, for example.

Typical simpleton crap-ola from the Neo-cons. They deserve to be bitch slappled. Or perhaps they could go live in one of these countries that we have attacked into a democracy.