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pdx indymedia video showing packs It's a Beautiful Pizza

Last night, It's a Beautiful Pizza was packed to overflowing for a night of VIDEOS FROM THE RESISTANCE. Some people even stood on the sidewalk outside and watched through the windows without sound.
If you hadn't gotten there by the 7:00 start time, you couldn't find anywhere to sit in the main room. Dozens of people sat on the floor and stood along the sides and in the next room. If you wanted to order pizza, you had to go down to the end of the counter by the bulletin boards and give a shout to the happily overworked staff. About 150 people altogether were there, and others left after they couldn't find any place to squeeze in.

The A22 Bush Protest video premiered to an excellent reception. People also loved "Day X", a piece about the Day of War protests in Portland. Also shown were a Cascadia Summer preview video, and a moving piece about the March 15 anti-war protests. The latter was edited around some original anti-war poetry spoken by a woman of color who was at the radical march that day.

A couple police officers hung out at the end of the block, which is unusual for this stretch of Belmont, and more cruisers than usual were also reported driving past. The city doesn't know what to make of pdx indymedia, but it doesn't seem to like the fact that the indymedia tactic provides a venue for the truth that the well-trained corporate media has been trained not to broadcast. HEY VERA -- FREE SPEECH AND EXPRESSION IS STILL LEGAL IN LITTLE BEIRUT. THE PEOPLE AIN'T SUTTIN' UP ANY TIME SOON!

Not shown was a video about the battle over the Peak Timber Sale in Southern Oregon this last summer, which didn't make it to the venue by accident. That, and the other videos will be shown this Wednesday at 7:00 at The Know at 2026 NE Alberta. That venue is even smaller than It's a Beautiful Pizza, so if you're going to that one, show up early!

question for indymedia 01.Apr.2003 08:07


Why don't you utilize the two television sets at It's A Beautiful Pizza? Both times I've attended your showings I've been stuck on the left side and have had a hell of a time seeing the screen.

And a good time was had by all 01.Apr.2003 08:12


The woman whose poetry was used in the M15 video was Iyanna.

inspiring.. 01.Apr.2003 10:17


I was profoundly impressed with the footage. I had heard stories about the police using excessive force and didn't doubt the truth of it but to see it there right before my eyes was an entirely different experience.
That is the kind of thing that would certainly sway a majority of Americans in favor of the resistance were they to be exposed to it.

Keep up the good work PDX Indymedia!!!

Question for Beautiful Pizza 01.Apr.2003 12:19


Awesome show!!!

But I have a question for the folks at Beautiful Pizza, IF they read this site: WHY DON'T YOU TURN OFF THOSE FRIGGING SPOTLIGHTS OVER THE SCREEN??? Someone tried to turn em off, and the kitchen staff yelled to turn em back on. If the kitchen lights are wired into the same switch that the tracklights OVER THE SCREEN are wired into, this was dumb planning. Someone fix it.

Other than that, the show rocked. and thanks to the busy kitchen staff too...they should get raises.

when can we get videos???? 02.Apr.2003 10:47

thee pharaoh

when will these videos, along with the ones shown at Clinton St. be made available for home viewing? Indymedia should press up a few hundred and sell them non-profit style at just a few bucks above cost to raise money to buy cameras and other such... i would like to be able to mail copies to friends and relatives who don't live in pdx...