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From the open publishing newswire: Salem, OR - The Bureau of Land Management's repeated attempts to auction the controversial Rusty Saw timber sale near Mt. Hood failed again today. For the second time, the BLM failed to attract any bidders to this proposed public lands logging operation just down the hill from the cancelled Eagle Creek timber sales in the adjacent Mt. Hood National Forest.

"This once again proves that the destructive and outdated federal timber sale program exists in a vacuum, serving only to fill the coffers of the logging bureaucracies at the BLM and Forest Service. This old-fashioned, pork-barrel program is out-of-step with current economic conditions, a changing timber industry, public opinion and the health of our forests," said Christy Anderson with the Cascadia Forest Alliance.[ Read More... ]

Contact Cascadia Forest Alliance as well as Cascadia Summer for upcoming grassroots forest activism across the region.