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Oregon's Money Funds Enron Operations--Keep The Power With the People!

From the open publishing newswire: Stop the Flow down the Enron Drain by creating a Public Utility District in Multnomah County!

Finally the efforts of the dedicated signature gatherers have paid off and the first leg of the struggle to rid Oregon of the Enron threat to the security of future generations has been won; Enough citizens signed up on the petitions and so,in September, we will vote to set up a Public Utility District in Multnomah County. Finally, instead of dollars for Enron's operations in criminal acts, imperialist control in US energy markets and theft of gas resources in Iraq (more substantial than oil), the people's money can go to local jobs, alternative-sustainable energy, and the securing of the economy for the long term through the formation of our own Public Utility District.

This may be the only way to work toward making sustainable energy a priority. If Multnomah County does it, other counties will follow suit. There are other counties in California who own the means of production of energy; this is always better than privatization of services used by all. Municipalization of local resources just makes sense.

We need your help in tabling, appearances at public hearings, registering voters etc. Contact Liz or visit www.oppc.net, to check scheduled events and activities, and what has gone on with this struggle up to this point. [ Read More... ] Vote Against Massive PGE Executive Bonuses | Why a People's Utility District? | Oregon Public Power Coalition Has Signatures to Qualify PUD Measure for Ballot