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Anarchists Settle Oregon Department of Corrections Repression Suit


From the open publishing newswire: Salem, Oregon Â- 22 April, 2003 Â- Oregon AnarchistÂ's federal lawsuit against the Oregon Department of Corrections (ODOC) has been settled by compromise.

Filed pro se by Anarchist prisoner Brian McCarvill, personally, and on behalf of others similarly situated, versus Ben DeHaan, Acting Director ODOC; Mike Beagen, Inspector, Security Threat Groups, ODOC; Jacy Duran, Central Mail Rule Administrator; and seven other ODOC employees, McCarvill v DeHaan et al, USDC OR, Case No. 02-1167-KI, was settled by contractual compromise on April 22, 2003. The Lawsuit alleged that the ODOC was unconstitutionally rejecting Anarchist and other publications, simply on the basis that they portrayed the Anarchist circle-A symbol, the Anarchist Black Cross symbol, the Anarchist Black Flag, and the terms Â"AnarchismÂ" and Â"AnarchistÂ", without any substantive review towards determining whether or not the rejected publications constituted an actual Â"security threatÂ" or Â"detrimentÂ" to Oregon prison facilities.

The lawsuit further alleged that Anarchists were being unconstitutionally Â"documentedÂ" (ODOCÂ's verbiage) as a Â"gangÂ" and a Â"security threat groupÂ" (STG), a documentation that allowed ODOC to characterize Anarchist symbols as Â"STG Paraphernalia.Â" The Oregon mail rule, OAR 291-131, contained a provision that allowed ODOC to reject mail and publications for displaying Â"STG Paraphernalia.Â" Plaintiff contended that ODOC had unconstitutionally constructed a shortcut Â- the simple appearance of an Anarchist symbol Â- means of rejecting mail and publications that ran afoul of even state-friendly Thornburgh v Abbott, 490 US 401 (1989). [Full Story...] [Anarchist Black Cross]

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