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Statement from Mike Hawash's supporters re the charges against him

Here are our current public statements about the charges made by the Justice Department today. Recall that the Complaint issued by the DoJ is *their* version of the story. We believe it does not accurately reflect the real story.

We continue to support Mike Hawash
We are disappointed that the U.S. Dept. of Justice has chosen to charge Mike based on such weak evidence.
Nonetheless, we are happy that Mike will be able to defend himself publicly, after this period of secret detention.
The evidence presented in the Complaint is, in our opinion, weak, and amounts to Guilt by Association.
Mike has been held for over five weeks, but there is no evidence in the Complaint that has been gathered at or since his arrest -- the government had a weak case when he was originally detained, held Mike for five weeks, and has no stronger a case now.
Mike's friends and those who know him think the idea that Mike would have fought for the Taliban or traveled to Afghanistan is absurd. Mike's concerns were for his family in America, his family in Palestine, and for his faith.
We will continue to stand by Mike, we believe in his innocence, and believe that he will ultimately be cleared of all charges

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