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Healthcare Fiasco

From the open publishing newswire: When this war is over Americans will crawl out from the death and destruction weÂ've committed in Iraq, and we will see that crimes have also been perpetrated right here. Our social services are defunct and people are unemployed. Our right to a free public education is in jeopardy. The idea that this government is capable of creating democracy abroad, in Iraq, and providing food and healthcare to the people there is insane. The Bush administration has proven that they are unwilling to create jobs, provide health services, or educational opportunities here.

Jack Cox is an example of one who is suffering here in our own country. Jack is a 63 year-old HIV patient. In January he suffered through pneumonia, congestive heart failure and subsequent surgery. The procedure was $100,000. He now needs $9000 in heart medication. His total drugs are $26,000 a year. He is living on Social Security, which is $600 a month. He is typical of the many senior citizens in our country who suffer from poverty and illness.

The sad fact is that these sick people without a voice may simply disappear. Many people will die without medication, counseling, or methadone. This is already happening. It is important that we gather together with friends and neighbors to pressure our government to take care of those that cannot care for themselves. This is the very definition of a civilization. Jack and others have worked on Â"Cover the Uninsured WeekÂ", and other lobbying activities to advocate for the medically needy. Many people are working together to take action to improve the current situation in healthcare. If youÂ've been affected by these cuts, please get in touch at inresponse@yahoo.com. If you are a worker in the social services industry, there are socials being held at 6 to 8 p.m. at The Cafe (614 East Burnside) April 18th, May 2nd, 16th and 30th. [ Complete Article ] www.portlandsurvival.org