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Rose City Copwatch Training -- this Saturday!

From the open publishing newswire: Rose City Copwatch is pleased to announce a training this Saturday. Come learn more about Copwatching and the basics of your rights & the police!

How to Copwatch: The Basics of Monitoring the Police
Portland Police have been waging a campaign of fear and intimidation against anti-war activists. One tool to counter that is 'Copwatching' -- observing the police to hold them accountable. When we understand our rights and have the confidence to exercise them, we are empowered to stand up for peace and justice.

Saturday, April 26 Noon to 3pm People's Food Co-op SE 21st & Tibbets

Space is limited. Please arrive on time.
Questions? Special needs? Contact us at info@rosecitycopwatch.org or 503-993-9464. [ newswire post... ]