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Jeffrey Free Luers Case is in Appeal Stage-Write a letter today!

Free From the open publishing newswire: Jeff was sentenced to 22.5 years for the burning of three SUVs in the summer of 2000 in Eugene, Oregon. Say what you want about the action, 23 years is an absurd sentence and is more about silencing any dissent than justice. please write a letter or email hardy.myers@doj.state.or.us [ Read More... ] www.freefreenow.org
Talking Points:
  • great care was taken to prevent injury to anyone
  • The fire was intended to damage property, and property was all that was damaged - less than $40,000 worth. While not dismissing the serious nature of the crime, enhancement to Measure 11 is unwarranted, as there were no injuries and damage was relatively minor.
  • Jeffrey was sentenced to 22 years, eight months, a sentence far greater than that faced by many offenders convicted of violent acts against individuals.
  • Jeffrey's sentence is due more to his political beliefs than to the severity of the crime.