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Ashland protesters arrested for flag burning finally released from jail

From the open publishing newswire: As previously reported on indymedia, two comrades were arrested in Ashland on April 12 after burning a U.S. flag and were charged with reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct. Both have been released from the Jackson County Jail, the first last Thursday, after six days in, and the second this past Monday, after 10 days in. Though they became ill in jail, both are happy to be released and are in good spirits. The community here in Ashland is very happy to see them again, and they have been warmly welcomed by old and new friends alike.

I asked our comrades how the other inmates felt about why they were in there. Most "didn't give a shit", others felt negatively, but were quite willing to discuss it in-depth, some were approving ("shit man, this country is fucked up!") and enjoyed talking about radical politics with them, and a small minority were violently against their crime and made threats. Comrade A asked (successfully) to be moved from one "8-man" cell (which in these days of budget cuts hold 10-13 inmates) to another after being explicitly threatened. Court dates for our comrades are coming up. Stay tuned to indymedia for [ updates ].