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From the open publishing newswire: TONIGHT! 22 Candidates for Portland School Board will be at 501 N. Dixon at 7:00pm on Tuesday, April 22. The large salmon colored building is in the Memorial Coliseum vicinity but on the opposite side of Broadway. Please come with signs and literature you wish to hand out.

The "No Child Left Behind" Bill has created unclear Portland Public School Policies on the rights of parents and students and the practices of military recruiters within the District. [There will be questions on School District Military Recruiting Policy and each candidates position on the policy. The election of new Board members is important to change the present confused policy of the Board and instill the policy that protects student and parent rights.]

As it stands now, a recruiter has access to all students names and contact information unless the parent instructs the information may not be released by the school. The "No Child Left Behind" Bill states that no school district will receive federal funds if it does not allow this student information to be accessed by military recruiters and also the recruiters must be allowed on school grounds. [ Read More... ]