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Occupation forces are helping to stop the war

American understanding about weapons of mass destruction by using Paveway GBU: 200 humans dead at one blow - lapidary comment: 'We have caught them all - nobody has survived' (article 1)
Occupation forces are helping to stop the war
Occupation forces are helping to stop the war
Comment by an US sergeant: 'The Iraqis are sick people and we are the chemotherapy - I begin to hate this country'

American and british mercenary soldiers help to stop the war! They perish for Bush, Blair and fatherland. If 4000 Mujahideen from all Arab countries will haul each 10 American and British soldiers to Bush's Kingdom of Heaven there will be 40.000 mercenary soldiers to stop the war with their lifes. Vietnam salutes you.

But before they die they pray two supplications to Bush with an modified bible.

The penned pamphlet by Bible basher named 'In Touch Ministries' with the title 'duty of an Christian' contains apposite prayers for any day and was distributed to thousands US soldiers: It shall be prayed at sunday, 'that the president and his advisers should daily appeal to infinite wisdom of God and not to count on their own intellect'.
And on monday the soldiers should pray for the force and bravery of the war cabinet, 'so that they can do the right thing in defiance of criticism'

That's not a worse dream, it is a fact

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