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U.S. Says It Seized Cache of Iraqi Chemical Equipment

How's that for a loaded headline of the day?
So how's this for the loaded headline of the day...
"U.S. Says It Seized Cache of Iraqi Chemical Equipment"


From the title, it sounds like we must have found a giant stockpile of mustard gas and nerve agents, doesn't it? Wrong. What was found was chemical protection suits and decontamination equipment. Still not a sign of WMD yet.

I love how there is a little summary at the end to remind people what's going on...I imagine many Americans have forgotten by now and gone back to watching tv.

"The U.S. and Britain launched a war on Iraq on March 20 to topple President Saddam Hussein and rid Iraq of weapons of mass destruction. Iraq denies possessing such weapons."
Actually... 31.Mar.2003 12:36

Pax Honorable

I don't know how you got to thinking that the headline would even possibly suggest mustard gas and nerve agents---loaded headline? It says EQUIPMENT, and the article is about just that, equipment.

I really don't understand the people who think everyone, including the NY Times, has some sick agenda, or is just rubber stamping the US Government. America's media is strong, and while everyone needs to read anything that is written (whether the NY Times, or even this site) with a grain of site----that is what critical thinking is all about---let's remember that many of the things people have tried covering up have been uncovered by our strong, free, American press.


there won't be until its used on us. 31.Mar.2003 12:41


the pentagon is keeping its finding hush hush until Iraq uses chemical weapons on us.

the logic being, that if its verified by an outside source (UN, France, etc) that Iraq has chemical weapons, they are much more likely to feel they have nothing left to loose and will use them by attacking the troops.

right now they are winning the PR war, and bush is willing to trade PR for the lives of US soliders.

If you remember the story about the chemical plant that was camoflauged and had a general in charge from last week. we were told right where it was. thats how we found it. the story was squashed just as soon as it broke. now you hear nothing about it.

there is a reason for this.

just wait, it will all come out very soon.

and 31.Mar.2003 13:02


i think it's pretty funny... when that story broke i saw a number of stories that expressed shock that they found 3,000 chemical protection suits.... some journalists even indicated that this meant the Iraqis are "planning to attack us with chemical warfare."

i guess they don't stop to think that the coalition troops are also wearing chem suits.

Use the chemical weapons they don't have? 31.Mar.2003 21:39


Wait a second here - I'm confused how could Iraq use chemical weapons? They don't have any...remember Uncle Saddam and Mr. Blix promised he doesn't have any, honest.

Now if they have chemical weapons, then the U.S. was right and the U.N. should have supported them...right? The whole arguement was that there was no proof Iraq had any WMDs, wasn't it? What is it going to take for some of you people to actually understand what is going on?

I'm inclined to believe if there was video of Saddam and Usama launching VX cannisters at U.S. troops, most of you rads would find a way to rationalize it away.