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april fools "pro-war" rally

San Francisco and elsewhere :: This idea started in SF, but can be
done all over the U.S. and the world - anyone interested?

Here's San Francisco's info-

April Fools Day "pro-war" parade, Tuesday, April 1st, 5 pm beginning
on the Polk street side stairs of San Franciscos City Hall. Please
come in your best "pro-war" regalia, bearing the garb of oil barons
and war mongerers, and bearing signs expressing their sympathies,
("More Blood For Oil" and "Profit Over People," etc.) The point is to
make this SO over the top that it is obviously a joke.
get the word around fast to make it happen!
hard to top 31.Mar.2003 11:18


it will be hard to top the "pro" people already out there:
hard to top
hard to top

getabrain.jpg 31.Mar.2003 11:41



Great Idea 31.Mar.2003 11:44

Rian Snider riansnider@yahoo.com

I think this is a genius idea. I don't really have any organizational skills or resources and what not but if someone who does would get something planned for this asap that would be fun! I would like to just also add that even though we obviously strongly disagree with their stance and the point of this rally is mockery, let's at least stay as respectful as possible and consider it a light-hearted jab. (This doesn't mean sit by and not voice your opinion when someone starts an argument, but I just wanted to point out that we should keep our sense of humor out there)... Just my two pence.

What? 31.Mar.2003 11:50

j djlowery.attbi.com


I agree - we can't compete 31.Mar.2003 11:50


if we are going to do it -- there is so little time it would have to be the obvious place, at the obvious time -- 5 PM at Pioneer Square.

Let's here some critical comments here. Anybody think it is a really bad idea?
I agree - we can't compete
I agree - we can't compete

pro mock pro 31.Mar.2003 12:05


i'm for it. i've been thinking about doing something similar for awhile now.

the only negatives i can think of are:
1) the "pros" launch a similar mock-con rally against us (although i don't know how effective that would be)

2) we stir up more animosity when we should be trying to persuade and educate

not a good idea 31.Mar.2003 12:20


This would be fun, but I think the message would get lost in the scuffle. It's just asking for more conflict between the pro-peace and pro-war people. Pro-war people aren't the enemy, our corporate sponsored war-mongering imperialist government is. I think we really need to focus on the anti-war message and not let our growing movement get derailed.

... 31.Mar.2003 12:38


there's no way i can gain 50 pounds in time for this rally. ;)

Parody 31.Mar.2003 13:27


i've seen this work before in Philadelphia. It would be best to parody the ruling class and money hungry people that need this war. If you make fun of the average joe who is pro war, you're only going to upset him or her more. If you can make a common enemy, you might end up making a new friend too! Expose what this war is all about by showing the ruling class in a slightly exaggerated form. They're bad enough already and just need to be exposed.

Parodies will work if you're careful 31.Mar.2003 13:27


i've seen this work before in Philadelphia. It would be best to parody the ruling class and money hungry people that need this war. If you make fun of the average joe who is pro war, you're only going to upset him or her more. If you can make a common enemy, you might end up making a new friend too! Expose what this war is all about by showing the ruling class in a slightly exaggerated form. They're bad enough already and just need to be exposed.

THIS IS NOT FUNNY! 31.Mar.2003 14:53

Homeland Cadet


Just leave it to some limp risted pussies to make a JOKE out of those who have the DECENCY to want to support OUR TROOPs!

hey ass, why dont you go live in Iraq? LOL! I bet sadDUMB would LOVE you there!


one step further 31.Mar.2003 15:12

patrick angstrom poore

this is a great idea.. but what might be even more fun (and a little bit scary too) is to actually be an agent provocateur inside a prowar rally. Which is not to dis all those well meaning but naive folks who believe that they're going to get some freedom from iraqi soil - but get a flag, say dumb things, mispell signs, basically, say really jingoistic things, maybe even more aggressive... but try to whip the crowd into a frenzy, and make them do silly things.

This tactic is used on us all the time... I would suggest for the more aggressive black blocers (since the prowar rallys are much less concerned about Federal infiltration) to dress up as loyal red blooded americans and take out their aggression there. That would be awesome! besides, if you're going to wear a mask, might as well go for deep cover.

Not that I intend to dis the radical anarchist contingent and their tactics either... it's just would be nice for people to think of us antiwar people as people who are trying to make the world a better place...

great idea, but 31.Mar.2003 15:52

jeff proto-tech@qwest.net

sounds like fun. I have an old army uniform and a halloween mask to go with it. One suggestion: the downtown crowd has had enough already. Start planning rallies outside of downtown: where there is plenty of foot traffic. Everyday people, not just high-risers. How 'bout Lloyd Center or outside the Convention center when there is a convention going on. There'd be lots of people to interact with instead of relying on those punks at KATU to spread the message.

The "get a brain morans" Guy 31.Mar.2003 16:22

Zak Attack

This guy represents the typical Pro War american. SOMEONE MAKE A POSTER OF HIM. He should be our poster boy.

PRO-WAR PIGS 31.Mar.2003 16:52


Here is another priceless picture of Pro-War protestors from the San Francisco pro-war/Support our Stormtroopers rally. Note that these guys are San Fransciso Police officers no less.

Somebody throw them a chalupa or something.

Hmmm 31.Mar.2003 17:46


I've listened to the pro-war, conservative (whatever that means), swill drinkin' womanizing, loud mouthed, overweight, big armed, NRA tough guy types for many, many years [okay, there's some amount of generalizing]. The thing I find is that all of them blame the wrong people for all the problems of the world. They'll talk about how the rich people have never worked a day in their life, talk about bloated administrations, complain about union workers making too much money, teacher being overpaid, government beaurocracy making life tough for them, ad vomitus. However, they don't get the concept that conservative policies, for the most part, have created much of this mess. Bloated, beaurocracies? Do I hear the current one? Tough times for working class people? - oh yeah, Bush really favors you guys. Unfortunately, this crowd is also gullible enough to believe that environmental rules alone are the cause of their layoffs. Nothing about corporate greed there eh? Too many taxes, well yeah, after the republicans gutted the state's infrastructure, now we need to raise taxes just to get to normal. Oh, but neocons don't think these services are needed, like fire, education, but supported more money for prisons. It's too bad, because they can be our allies, but they've been brainwashed by to many shills. Or is it because some of the protestors don't look or talk like them. It could be one big party guys and ladies. Turn off the damn CNN and Fox news, get out of your trucks and start educating yourelves. Iraq did not bomb us, Saddam is not why 250,000 + soldiers are dying. Come on, you're smarter than that. Is it really all about shit kickin our way around the globe?

yes, a great idea 31.Mar.2003 18:58

chester ficklesworth

i wish i lived in portland, could help out

funny, i had the same idea too

some random sign ideas ....

kick their ass and take their gas (quote from actual seattleite pro-war supporter)

tax the poor, support the war!

nuke paris

got imperialism?

all protesters are pussies

I support our ClearChannel affiliates

MArtial law on the liberals!

kill 'em all


might is right

Love Bush or Die

the New World Order is in the house!!!!

Fulfill Armagedon prophecy!

think you don't know how to organize...? 31.Mar.2003 20:22


the great thing about organizing grassroots events is...you don't really have to have experience. the most needed skills are passion, drive, and time on your hands. to everyone out there....it's not as though there is an elite ruling class of organizers. anyone can do this. for info on press releases...just do a google search "how press release". learn from what you have seen work in the streets, and from what has been a disaster. it's not hard at all...it just requires a willingness to follow through with it. it's something you learn as you go along. i encourage everyone to try it....it's incredibly empowering, and i'm willing to bet you're better at it than you think you are....plus which...do you always want to be relying on other people to tell you when, where, and what to protest?????????

Great idea. 31.Mar.2003 21:34


Actually, I think this is a great idea. Plan to make a stop at a couple of thrift stores to suit up. Maybe some spandex, or some animal print wrestling pants, lots of American regalia. Plenty of signs, all terribly over the top, all misspelled. Wrestling bandanas are a plus!

If people don't give themselves away, there should be absolutely no problems.

Sign Suggestion 01.Apr.2003 11:00


I can't be there, but here's a suggestion for a sign:

"Another white guy for unprovoked mass-killing"

Put some flags and shit on it, of course.

I hope ya'll get out there! This is a great April Fool's Day activity for the fools who support this sick war.