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The JC Penny War Report

"We dropped a few civilians," Sergeant Schrumpf said, "but what do you do?"
The JC Penny War Report
The JC Penny War Report
"I'm sorry," the sergeant said. "But the chick was in the way."

Wow! 31.Mar.2003 10:56


Wow! It took you all week to make that pretty picture!!!

Look, I am asking you...no telling you to get out of our country. It's nothing to be ashamed of...you know, being a quitter and all..OK? Just go North, or better yet, France :)

So according to mike 31.Mar.2003 11:08


The only people who should be allowed to live in the land of the free are those who are willing to give up free will and share the same exact views and the same exact beliefs.

These are great morals mike, I hope you have tons of children and teach them to be hate mongers too.

wow! v2 31.Mar.2003 11:09

forward command poster

a) I don't live in your cuntry. *

(Goddess Kali/Kundu/Cunti)
[org. cunt, cunilingus, cunning, kin, country]

b) Lucky me!

c) The aŽt took around 15 minutes.

d) I'm glad you liked it.
wow! v2
wow! v2

Yep...get out :) 31.Mar.2003 11:29


The only "hate-speak" I've seen here is yours. I just asked you to leave...is it that hard to understand? Should I translate it into French for ya???

a) You are an idiot.

b) I drive an SUV (just yesterday I found a VW up in the wheelwell!)

c) You can't even spell aŽt. I'll write this real slow....
A R T. Ok Tommy, you try it now. Oh, that's a Big boy.

d) I like the fact that you are safe and warm in your house somewhere in a country that I defended! You probably like that too. Perhaps you should try living overseas for awhile...hmmmm?

grr 31.Mar.2003 11:41


if i hear one more time about how the military is protecting ME i'm going to scream!!!

when was the last time the US military actually had to protect its citizens? (ok, 9/11, but hmm, guess they missed that one.)

when is the last time the US military protected our freedoms (speech, etc.)? the threat to our freedoms is primarily from within (i.e. tipper gore, sb 742, etc.).

if anything, WE are protecting our country! We the peace protestors!
("When it is over, if it is over, this war will have horrible consequences. Instead of having one [Osama] Bin Laden, we will have 100 Bin Ladens." -Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak)

more than any other time in history our country has the opportunity to lead with diplomacy. it's time to end this vicious cycle.

Grrrrrreat :) 31.Mar.2003 11:49


Deer mR. LAdiey,

i am rightiiing thiss slow cuz i no u cantt reed fasst.
hmmmmmm, wen waz the lassst timer th e mitiilitiry protect....I cant do this anymore

When was the last time the military protected your FAT ASS???

This morning!

PS: Why don't we license stupid people here! Tell ya what, come on over to my house and I'll slap a tag on your ear. Now take yer tattoed & pierced carcass outta MY country.

Have a great day (Stupido)

Right on Mike 31.Mar.2003 11:56

Victor Vet

Bravo Mike. It's amazing how these America-hating scum totally ignore Sadam's countless atrocities, and see only evil on our side.

hey mikey, this one's for you 31.Mar.2003 12:01


You must be a rocket scientist.
hey mikey, this one's for you
hey mikey, this one's for you

I always say... 31.Mar.2003 12:04


you can tell who has won an argument by watching who falls back on personal insults and threats first.

Its so nice to see the freepers shout, swear, stamp their feet and cry like babies when they can't win an argument (ie: in every argument they get into).

Those poor soldiers out in the Iraqi desert are killing everything that moves (and getting killed in fair numbers too) because, contrary to the propaganda, the Iraqi people see US and British forces as invaders.

I support our troops - I want them to come home before more of them die or are permanently psychologically damaged by killing women and children.

Whats it all for? To line Bush and his cronies pockets with Iraqi black gold.
I always say...
I always say...

aŽt division of Žeich turn™ 31.Mar.2003 12:07

forward command poster

"The only "hate-speak" I've seen here is yours.

The evidence on this page proves otherwise, which is why you'll find no words of mine here to reference in support of your hostile assertion.

On the other hand, your first post is 100% content-free abuse, and you second is composed of:

a) argumentum ad-hominem
b) appeal to spite
c) appeal to mediocŽity, and
d) appeal to ignorance

see anti-Nazi Nizkor for more:
aŽt division of Žeich turn™
aŽt division of Žeich turn™

for mike 31.Mar.2003 12:12


fyi, mike, the military is NOT protecting the rights and freedoms of US citizens right now. The war was originally "sold" that way (in order to avoid the UN situation). Now it is sold as Operation Iraqi Freedom (in case you haven't been reading your newspapers). They are there, purportedly, to liberate the Iraqi people. The US hasn't said, in some time, that Iraq is a threat to our national security.

That paragraph is directed to people who believe in our goverment.

I actually hold much more progressive views, but I have to explain this situation to people who try to listen to Pres. Bush... and even end up getting his story wrong.

to 'Mike', the CHICKEN-SHIT TRAITOR-- 31.Mar.2003 12:41

Get OUT.

"Perhaps you should try living overseas for awhile"

--maybe *you* should, you fuckin' clown.

if you knew ANYTHING AT ALL about other countries--especially less-developed ones that have been oppressed for decades--

you would know that they have ambivalence or outright hatred for America.

we installed Saddam in 1963.

Sign up [ENLIST] or SHUT THE FUCK UP. You love this war--go fight it yourself; it's all volunteer.

YOU are the one who *refuses* to STAND UP FOR PATRIOTISM as Bu$h & Co. cuts Veterans Benefits by $47 billion, takes our budget deficit to new depths, and shreds our Constitutional rights.

YOU are the one who sanctions the slaughter and mass murder of innocents.

YOU are the one who creates a new generation of hatred of Americans overseas.

it's ALL you, Mike.


At one of the holiest shrines in Shi'ite Islam, Zeinab spoke gently but firmly against the U.S. and British invasion of her country.

"My husband is begging me to go back to him, but I will not. He is not a real man unless he carries a weapon and goes fighting the Americans," the woman told a companion while praying at the Kazimain Shi'ite mosque in the Iraqi capital.

27 Mar 2003 18:01

Iraqi Shi'ites say they are patriots first

By Khaled Yacoub Oweis

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - At one of the holiest shrines in Shi'ite Islam, Zeinab spoke gently but firmly against the U.S. and British invasion of her country.

"My husband is begging me to go back to him, but I will not. He is not a real man unless he carries a weapon and goes fighting the Americans," the woman told a companion while praying at the Kazimain Shi'ite mosque in the Iraqi capital.

The northern district of Baghdad where the shrine is located is inhabited by Iraq's majority Shi'ites, whom U.S.-led forces hoped would rise up against President Saddam Hussein and welcome their invasion after years of discrimination and persecution.

During three decades in power, Saddam has packed the government with his Sunni co-religionists, put down several Shi'ite uprisings and purged holy cities, such as Najaf and Kerbala, of Shi'ite scholars and clerics opposed to him.

Islam is divided between the dominant Sunni sect and Shi'ism. In Iraq, the situation is reversed with Shi'ites accounting for an estimated 60 percent of the population.

British military intelligence reported earlier this week that the mainly Shi'ite population of Iraq's second city, Basra, might have started an uprising against officials of Saddam's Baath Party, but officials later played down the report.

In the wake of the 1991 Gulf War, Shi'ites rose against Saddam, expecting support from the international forces which ended Iraq's invasion of Kuwait. But that support never came and Saddam brutally crushed the uprising.


Most visitors to the Kazimain stop at the door to read an edict by Ayatollah al-Sisstani, a top Shi'ite cleric in Iraq.

"A catastrophe will befall the Islamic world if -- God forbid -- the aggressors realise their schemes in Iraq. Any help submitted to them is a great sin. Shame in life and torture in the afterlife will follow," the edict says.

"Iraqis will definitely stand together against any invasion. They will disappoint the aggressors with the help of God," said Sisstani, who lives in Najaf, Shi'ism foremost learning centre.

Iraqi forces are fighting U.S. forces around Najaf and Kerbala to prevent their advance on Baghdad from the Shi'ite dominated southwest.

The Sisstani edict was a reflection of the anti-U.S. sentiment in the Shi'ite community, said Sheikh Hadi, one of the Kazimain's keepers.

"The Americans think the Shi'ites will rise up again, But they forget that we consider them invaders," the sheikh said.

"The Americans never had mercy on the people of this region, neither did the British. We remember their black days of colonisation," he added.

After largely staying away since the war started a week ago, visitors are trickling back to Kazimain, the burial place of two of the 12 holy Imams, or preachers, of Shi'ite Islam.

The mosque was restored by Saddam. Its walls and doors are an amazing mix of blue marble, mirrors, crystal, silver and gold. Ornate chandeliers hang from its domes.

Men and women march in awe around the two graves of Musa al-Kazim and Mohammad al-Jawad, the two Imams or preachers who lived in the eighth and ninth centuries.

"They come because the two Imams are so close to God and God would not turn down a request that came through them. It is a concept similar to Christianity and the twelve apostles," Sheikh Hadi said.

"Pilgrims are starting to come back despite the war. They are coming even from Basra and Nassiriya," he added.

Shi'ite Islam was born in what is now Iraq. The schism with Sunni Islam dates back to when the Prophet's grandson Imam Hussein was killed in Kerbala in 680 by a rival Muslim force.


Victor Vet is a typical pseudo-conservative 31.Mar.2003 15:15


Hey Victor Vet,

I don't hate America, I hate Americans like you that are
ignorant, arrogant, and self-righteous.

Read Charley Reese to see how a real conservative thinks about this war.

uuggg 31.Mar.2003 16:02


pseudo-liberal = Useful Idiot

No offense dude, you just aren't very bright.