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Vera's folly

Mayor Katz says the protests will be paid in part by reducing or eliminating Social Service programs. Did she simply "forget" that her desire to have a proffesional baseball team here would cost a lot more than people practicing free speech?
In the Sunday edition of the Oregonian there is an article about the peaceful rally on Saturday. A police officer told a protester that the government is eliminating Social Service programs to finance police presence downtown. The writer said this was said "sarcastically" which would indicate either maliciousness or the cop thinks this is funny!
It is time for the city to stop using "human shields" to carry out their agenda of silencing it's citizens! In her press conference last week she said that the police presence at demonstrations will be financed in part by the programs designed to take care of our most vulnerable population. She DIDN'T say that we won't be able to afford a proffesional baseball team, which she's obviously hot for.
Her attitude of indifference toward seniors, disabled folks, mentally ill, and low income people has apparently spread throughout city government. I believe we need a very different Mayor in Portland.
Recal Vera (Bernie, Too) 31.Mar.2003 10:16

anmebe jim

Franscesconi, too!
If you live in Portland, rapidly (or rabidly) becoming Warsaw,
How about a recal of elected leaders. At least they were apparently elected, as opposed to uno hoo.

i'm in 31.Mar.2003 13:27

anon... for now ;)

I'm new to Portland, but would rapidly get behind a movement to oust Vera. What would this entail? First of all, a viable "peace" party mayorial candidate. What else?

Start this campaign and I will register as a local voter and volunteer my time and energy.

lets have more dialogue on this one, please.

Vera is probably out 31.Mar.2003 22:14

no one in particular

Though she hasn't made any firm statements (to avoid lame duck syndrome), it is speculated that Vera will not run again. She is 72, after all.

So it's likely to be a free for all. Get your candidates ready.

I'd like to see Eric Sten run, and he hasn't denied that he will.

Anti-Baseball (or Major League) Sports groups 02.Apr.2003 14:42

Rob Vaughn RobWVaughn@netscape.net

I've read about at least a half dozen groups of politicians, movers-n-shakers, and affluent types working on bringing baseball here, and at least three organizations put together to help make it happen. I'm also worried Vera will pull another "closed door deal" like she did with PGE Park. I find it ironic that two months ago in the Oregonian she was quoted as saying "This problem was created by private enterprise and will have to be solved by creative enterprise", refusing both to accept her and the local government role in making it happen, and that regardless of whose fault it is, it is the local government and our tax dollars that have been thrown away. The new PGE deal sounds like Portland will have to write off all loans/grants as a complete loss, which means our money being thrown away.

Are there any groups and/or organizations out there to oppose this ridiculous idea and the absolute waste of money it will be, especially when that money could be used to build up local businesses and jobs and help our floundering local economy?

If so, please post here and email me. Thanks. Rob V.

ready to recall 02.Apr.2003 14:53

Just Thinking

I want Vera Katz, Dan Saltsman, Jim Francisconni, and any and all city council members and their support staff completely out of office.

Most of them are pro war, against protesters, uphold the inordinate amount of money spent on the police presence during protests (as well as a baseball team, and covering the Mt. Tabor reservoir; and are considering an ice skating rink to replace Pioneer Courthouse square, as well as remaking Tom McCall Waterfront Park)--as opposed to alleviating the suffering of those who are losing, have lost, or never did get their Human Services benefits and are in crisis. THEY ARE NOT FOR THE PEOPLE!!! They fundamentally disrespect us who pay their salaries!!! It's called biting the hand that feeds you! IT'S CALLED TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!! Where did they get this idea that they are "the authorities" as opposed to civil servants?!! What right do they have, IF ANY, to go against the will of the people?

This is a country of the people, by the people, and for the people. That was said by Abraham Lincoln, and is American. More Americans died in that fight for freedom and justice than in all our other wars combined.

The founding fathers were strongly opposed to a "standing army" which is what a police force is. They witnessed the connection between British tyranny and the British standing army. The founding fathers pledged their sacred honor for us, and many of the patriots/revolutionaries gave their lives for us...but nowadays we are forced to give material aid (taxes) for this standing army that harasses and encroaches upon us? How did this happen, and who do the "Portland" police really work for?

Police officers are supposed to be "Officers of the Peace"--so what does that make them if they are against the peace movement???!!!!! (Not to mention their general disruptive and often violent tendencies and corresponding mental illnesses).

Our "birth certificate," The Declaration of Independence, is revered as the greatest document of the ENTIRE WESTERN CIVILIZATION. The essential point of it is: "...whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of [inalienable rights...such as life {as in what we call "a real life"}, liberty, and pursuit of happiness], it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it..." Did you hear that, People? It is OUR flat out, manifest right to alter or abolish ANY form of government that destroys the free exercise of our rights!!! This is major, and is the root nature of America! GET THE WORD OUT!

Furthermore: "That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed..." So the only point of the government is to secure these rights and nothing else--and I don't think our government nationally or locally is securing our rights at all!

And: "...That...it is the Right of the People to institute new Government [if there's a problem], laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness." This is OUR right, and they have no right to stop us. They would have to prove that they superceded and fundamentally altered The Declaration, and that will never happen. All of what we see around us that encroaches upon us is unauthorized, and quantumly repugnant because we pay through the nose for it.

Did you all know that an activist Grandma walked hundreds of miles to get to the white house steps, quoted The Declaration, and was arrested on the spot? Some unamerican party made it "illegal" to quote our own Founding Document--a complete slap in our face--and the police will act on it...I figure The Declaration must be pretty powerful to warrent that scale of oppression......

Then The Constitution came along, to organize our government according to the principles laid out in The Declaration. It has great tenets, but its purpose is to uphold The Declaration, "to form a more perfect union." It is a set of laws that have no meaning other than their mission. It's mission is to allow the people their soveriengty and to make the government back off!! And what was the very last word in the original Bill of Rights (the 10th amendment)?: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people." This is the real life, real time text of our direct power to change our government--confirmed, codified, and chrystallized.

Plus, America is for the underdog (in theory).

I suggest that we hold our American flags with the star section on top. We are the REAL Americans, and the flag is OURS. The ones who carry flags on the back of police motorcycles, etc. are NOT. To hold our flags upside down in reference to others' sick thinking and policies is to subtley but convincingly suggest that those others represent the flag! It gives the war mongers an excuse to denounce us as well.

It's bad enough when we have problems in the white house, so the last thing we need is problems in our own back yard. The People have spoken, so has the mayor and her officials, and we are not saying the same thing. That means it's time for them to leave. I'm all for recalling those who are going against the will of the people, and will support such a recall.