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advice needed: good news

advice needed: good news
What is a independent, objective, informative source of news (not opinions) about:

News in general?
my picks 31.Mar.2003 10:18


i like the news hour for news in general (and it's pretty objective about the war):

bbc isn't bad (better than most us media):

i don't read it much, but the guardian seems good (uk):

portland alliance:

and indymedia, of course! :)

to sincere 31.Mar.2003 11:00


Good question, good to know that people are sincerely interested in finding out what's happening from sources other than the corporate media.

There are some good suggestions above as to where to start. (I also suggest whatreallyhappened.com, among others.)

The only thing I really wanted to add here is that there is no such thing as objective news. Objectivity is a myth with a lot of power. When someone claims to be objective, they are trying to tell you that what they say simply is, so you must believe it as presented. Always think critically about everything, always understand that information is never really objective.

The news is filtered through a lot of people who will make decisions all along the way about what they will present, who they will talk to to get their stories, which quotes they will use, whom they will ignore, whether something is important enough for front page coverage or a blurb at the back, etc. Even the questions a journalist chooses to ask shape the resulting story a certain way.

So it's probably not helpful to seek "objective" news sources. Rather, look for news sources that are up front in their subjectivity. Don't be afraid of listening to what people on another side of an issue have to say about it, so long as they are honest about which side they are on.

Also, your decision to seek out as many sources as possible is a good way to get a well-rounded look at the issues. Because everyone will have a different perspective, it's good to hear what lots of people think.

The best way around corporate media brainwashing is to let people tell their own stories about their own experiences of the world. Don't let corporate interests monopolize the stories that we tell as a culture. This is how they control us. Pay attention to people who were there, to what they saw and heard and felt. That's what I like about indymedia....

very good question 31.Mar.2003 18:10


I agree with all the top picks for print news. Another good source, if you like radio, is KBOO, 90.7 FM. It's well-balanced, open-minded, and basically anyone can get on the radio their if they want. It is also a collective, commercial free, and non-corporate. NPR is good too, but they'e always so calm they sometimes drive me zany. If anyone else can think of anything, please post it. It's good info for everyone.

P.S. Listen to KBOO Youth! it's on the the third Wed. of every month. Such shameless self-promotion.