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I heard cops were at the Mt. Tabor peace walk. Is it true?

i heard today that there were cops at the Mt. Tabor peace walk, at the beginning and the end. Is this true? What were they like? How many people were on the walk?
i heard today that there were cops at the Mt. Tabor peace walk, at the beginning and the end. Is this true? What were they like? How many people were on the walk?
Oh they were there... 31.Mar.2003 07:55

sick n tired

I was at Mt Tabor yesterday and so were SO many cops. I have never felt that strong of an out of place police presence and it didnt make me feel safer...more like invaded. I would say to every 1 person there was at least 1-2 cops. And there were probably 100-150 people there just hangin out with their dogs...this was later in the day after the initial walk I would think, but it seemed as though they were waiting for something to happen, like people speaking their minds or something. Motorcycle cops, cops in cop cars and in cop Camaros. Not only were they on the hill itself, but they were "embedded" in local driveways pulling over alot of people that were driving away from the hill.
Can we say "gestapo"?

Mt Tabor protest 31.Mar.2003 09:40

Phil Colby mychauffeurpdx@hotmail.com

yes there were police at Mt Tabot about 1:1 ratio. They kept their distance but obviously had orders to follow protesters from beginning to end. I wasn't one of the protesters but accidentally saw them on Tabor and again later at McDonalds on 82nd. I spoke briefly (10 minutes) with them and left. They had me in their sights though. When I left an unmarked cruiser pulled me over within 2 blocks on a back street where they were hiding, for no seat belt. They checked my license and insurance and let me go.

I was on the walk 01.Apr.2003 19:42

Eva Goldman

I saw a cop pull up at 71st and Yamhill as I walked up the route from the East. When I met up with the UN flag bearer on 60th Ave., a cop drove by in a car and gave us the peace sign. We saw 2 normal cop cars, 1 undercover cop car, and 1 motorcycle there. People who waited for us on the grassy hillside saw bicycle cops ride in the grass aggressively, as if to mark the territory as theirs. As we walked by the reservoir, we saw about 5 cars with cops or security. When we reached the peak we met 2 bicycle cops; they asked us if we were going to McDonald's and said that they would go with us because it was unpermitted and they wanted to keep us safe. I said that we were going to keep it peaceful, in a tone as if to say 'you don't have to come with us', but they did. The block North of Stark had 3 cop cars blocking the street just before we reached McDonald's. The bicycle cops waited with us at McDonald's, and what seemed like the manager was seemingly waiting for us outside with some sort of communication device.

There were about 15 of us, including 3 videographers and a photographer. It was a nice walk which was mellow, save the cops' presence. I met several neighbors who will help organize in the future. We will likely do it later in the evening, so that people can go play outside and come to Mt. Tabor to watch the sunset. So, stay tuned to the calendar with a possible time change.