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imperialism & war

Portland Trail Blazers and their efforts in support of peace

the portland "jail-breakers" have been long supporters of the peace movement in portland. but its a government conspiracy..here that! CONSPIRACY! Conspiring with the FBI/CIA Conspiracy. they watch at night. they watch in the day. they watch because they hate. their hate was first founded in 1981 when the US government secretly met with satan to help with the war in iraq. satan said "ok". and thats where i leave the conspiracy. government conspiracy. i will conspiracy you....today....they watch....rod strickland is a conspiracy FBI CIA
Raving Rant 30.Mar.2003 21:04


Whatta Rant! Was it about teacups and taxicabs? Who could tell?

Rants are ok, but they have to have a subject and a statement, just like any other writing.

I am interested on where the Blazers stand on the war, so try again, Ranter, or sign up with Agent Orange to do rants on Chemtrails. The two of you are a pair.

The WatchMan, hates the wasted space of mindless rants.