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Check out this passage from this MSNBC article on Michael Moore's new documentary concern the links between the Bush and Bin Laden families. The article itself is mostly fluff, but at one point it refers to Usama bin Laden as a "freedom fighter" no less. Apparently, when someone commits terrorism in the service of American interests, he is a freedom fighter. When this same person (allegedly) commits terrorism against American interests, he is a terrorist.

The Bush-bin Laden tie, if only circumstantial, begins with a business relationship between the former president and Mohammed bin Laden, the Yemeni-born father of Osama who was a Saudi construction magnate. He died and left his future terrorist son about $300 million that has been used to finance global violence. The young bin Laden was among the freedom fighters [WTF?] propped up by the CIA as they battled the Soviets in Afghanistan when the elder Bush headed that agency. And bin Laden's Al Qaeda campaign began after Bush put U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War. A decade later, bin Laden's Twin Tower attacks made the battle against terrorism the prime focus of George W.'s presidency.

homepage: homepage: http://www.msnbc.com/news/892106.asp

Mix-Up 30.Mar.2003 21:12

Ed Harley

They must've got their Pentagon press-releases mixed up. That's where 95% of their 'news' comes from.

Maxx 31.Mar.2003 00:55


What are you high or just being intentionally stupid? When the CIA funded Bin Laden he was part of the 'freedom fighers' against the Russians. This is what the Reagan/Bush administration termed them and Moore is likely reporting it that way. Trying to trash Moore that way makes as little sense as saying that George Bush Jr. can talk sensibly w/o his teleprompter.