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APRIL 7th Day of Direct Action

Unplug the Corporate War Profiteers
National Day of DIRECT Action and Civil Disobedience to Stop the War at Home and Abroad

Monday April 7th, 2003
In our collective efforts to build a mass movement of principled
non-violent resistance to the U.S.-led war on Iraq, Direct Action to Stop
the War (San Francisco/Bay Area) is calling a National Day of Direct
Action and Civil Disobedience to Stop the War at Home and Abroad.
We call upon all cities, organizations, and individuals to organize
widespread non-cooperation targeting:

--Federal and Government buildings
--Oil corporations
--Arms manufacturers
--Arms transportation systems

On Monday April 7th, instead of going to work or school, sustain the
resistance to this war by participating in or supporting mass nonviolent
direct action in any way possible.

Why we are taking action at these corporations?

We hold corporations including Bechtel, Citigroup, the Carlyle Group and ChevronTexaco accountable for not only their profits from this war, but the fact that they made this war possible through their investments, operations, weapons, lobbying, political contributions and drive for unending profits regardless of the toll on human life, the environment or society.