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Police to Begin Jailing Protesters

Noon TV news reporting policing protests methods.
Both KOIN and KATU are reporting that the police plan to jail protesters who cannot post bail due to the police's lack of budget. This was decided when they met with Mayor Katz and realized the costs being incurred by police overtime, etc.
Give 27.Mar.2003 12:51


Please advise what the bale rates are in Portland so people can help.

please expand 27.Mar.2003 12:53


appreciate the graphix report: we're not in tv range...it sounds like you're saying that protesters arrested (or initially jailed) who don't make bail will be jailed. please expand on the news item. solidarity!

scare tactics and 27.Mar.2003 12:57


This is another mass media scare tactic. Holding non-violent peace protesters in jail who can not post bail is more expensive than letting them go. It is very politically risky for the city or police to arrest or abuse peaceful protesters. Pro-war poeple will participate in peace rallies in order to create problems and try to destroy the peace movement. The mayor and police department are getting flooded with calls right now from people who say that they want the police to stop the protests, including shooting them and locking them up. These calls are coming from a tiny few right-wing pro-war individuals and do not represent the true feelings of the community. We need to create a louder voice and let the city and police know that using violence on peaceful protesters will create more problems than it will solve. Keep the solidarity!! Do not let them divide us and conquer our peace movement!! United we stand!! Write to the mayor and the police and tell them that we are guaranteed the right to peaceably assemble and speak freely in a public forum, and taking that right away is illegal and will be met with even more activism. Also be sure to tell them that any individual who causes problems at a rally should be dealt with individually, the entire group is not responsible for the actions of a few. The key is to make a distinction between the trouble-making protesters and the ones who cause problems so that police can arrest those who commit crimes and will still protect the rights of those who are peaceful. If they can lump us all in one big group, then they can call an end to the peace rallies because a few individuals (probably working for the pro-war effort) caused some problems. Office of Mayor Vera Katz 1221 SW 4th Ave., Suite 340 Portland, Oregon 97204-1995 mayorkatz@ci.portland.or.us http://www.cgis.ci.portland.or.us/dear_vera.cfm 503-823-4120 Mark A. Kroeker, Chief of Police, chiefkroeker@police.ci.portland.or.us

I am not posting bail 27.Mar.2003 18:37


Good try Vera anc Co. They don't have the money to police people and they think they have the money to keep people in jail?

Fine, feed me, keep me warm and I am staying in jail till my trial. That will cost $2500/month per person. Plus they will still have to police protesters because they are not going to go away.

That will bankropt the city even faster.

Great Idea... thanks for giving us another alternative Vera.

PS: IS PPD going to arrest people for "jaywalking" and lock them up till they post bail? FASCIST NAZI STATE is what it looks like to me. We are moving along faster than Hitler was able to accomplish it.

not scaring me 28.Mar.2003 01:04


If i am arrested for peacefully assembling, I for one plan not to post bail.

Fascism 28.Mar.2003 16:28


I believe it was Mussolini who described Fascism as a merging of State and Corporate power into one. Does this sound like America?

Actually it sounds like a lot of countries, including mine... Australia!

It is possible that technology is responsible for the speed of the move towards Fascism from the Democratic system. After all, Hitler did not have Nukes or ICBMs. Communications systems are much more advanced as well, so is the media. Propoganda campaigns are much more effective now because there are countless methods of transmission and manipulation.

It's the same here in Australia. Now they want to reintroduce a bill that will allow ASIO (Australia's Internal Security Force) to conduct illegal searches, detain people indefinitely if they are suspected of having information about Terrorism or they know someone that is associated with it. The age limit for detention is anybody over the age of 10. These people will not have right to legal representation or to contact their family. Terrorism has not been legally defined here properly either so it could simply be a case of having the wrong facial features, skin colour, religious affiliation, or simply the wrong name at the wrong time.


Just imagine your child makes friends with someone named Abdul at school. Suddenly Abdul disappears, his family disappears, and then your child will disappear as well. You wouldn't even know why. You'll never know unless you child is released back to you and if that happens, ASIO risks being exposed by the stories your child will tell you so basically you will never see your child again.